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Worden TC2000 and TechniTrader

Martha Stokes CMT with Worden Bros. Staff


TC2000 and TechniTrader have been partners for almost 2 decades. Two great companies combine the Exceptional Charting of Worden’s TC2000 with the Educational Expertise of TechniTrader to give you the skills and tools you need to be consistently successful trading stocks, options, or other investments.

We have been using TC2000 charting software to teach trading since 1998. TC2000 Users can enjoy an array of customized tools and services  that are included with TechniTrader courses.

TechniTrader is the Leading Educator for TC2000 Users

We teach a unique way to analyze TC2000’s proprietary indicators and we have developed a complete set of custom tools for TC2000 Charting Software that come with our Methodology Essentials (ME10) Course and other popular trading courses. We offer different sets of Tools for swing traders, day traders, position trading and long term with our courses. Plus, you get full support of TechniTrader tools for TC2000 with our courses.

What do TechniTrader® Tools do for YOU?

TC2000 Tools make your life easier. TC2000 Scans by TechniTrader make finding stocks fast and easy. TC2000 Watchliists by TechniTrader give you a group of stocks to study, TC2000 Layouts by TechniTrader do all the work for you in setting up customized workspaces for TC2000, so all you need to do is trade and invest with confidence using the education provided through our courses.

TC2000 Scans

Our TC2000 Scans take the guesswork out of market condition analysis and finding stocks to trade. They are built on our custom formulas that include leading indicators that track large-lot trading activity. We offer custom TC2000 scans for each trading style: swing, position, day or intraday trading, and long term.

TC2000 Indicators

We teach how to interpret, read, and use Balance of Power, Time Segmented Volume, and MoneyStream, the proprietary Worden indicators that are built into TC2000. Discover the best kept secret in stock indicators and learn the best ways to use TC2000 indicators from a master technical analyst, Martha Stokes, CMT of TechniTrader.

We offer Online Indicator Study Courses on Balance of Power and Time Segmented Volume annually.  These are 8-week courses that go into great depth about each indicator.

You can also find some free videos, webinars, and learning material on TC2000 indicators here at

To learn more about our in-depth training on these rare indicators that track Dark Pools, HFTs, Pro Traders, and other large lot activity before price moves, contact or call 888-846-5577 for more information.


TC2000 Webinars & Seminars

Martha Stokes CMT teaching live at TC2000 seminar

Martha teaching at a live TC2000 Seminar in New York.

TechniTrader’s Martha Stokes CMT has been featured at many TC2000 Webinars & Seminars over the years.

Live attendees have raved about Martha’s no-nonsense, high-energy teaching style that aims to educate individual traders and investors on the facts of the current market structure and how to read stock charts accurately for successful trading.

We have a library of Recorded Webinars and Seminars available upon request after you have signed up for free training on our site.