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Read about what is going on with a corporation, discover what professional traders are using as new tools or strategies, and learn how institutions are selecting stocks and lowering risk factors for their portfolios.  When investors and traders understand what is going on inside Wall Street, they are better prepared for how the financial markets will perform.

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Stock Market Blog by Martha Stokes CMT of TechniTrader

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  • Alibaba Stock – BABA One Year Later Part 2

    Charts do not lie. How a stock chart is interpreted may be inaccurate, but the Alibaba stock chart (NYSE: BABA) clearly shows that the Giant Institutions have dumped this stock. Back in December 2015 the Percentage of Shares Held by Institutions PSHI which is a Fundamental Indicator rose from 16% to 63%. This is a very respectable percentage for a young public foreign based company trading on the US markets. The US has the largest contingent of Institutional Investors in the world, which are the giant Mutual Funds and the giant Pension Funds.

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  • Alibaba Stock – BABA One Year Later Part 1

    On September 19, 2015 Alibaba which is the infamous online marketing website from China, will become a one year old public company. As it heads toward this landmark anniversary, the saying mentioned in a TechniTrader Report last year echoes true which was, “How BABA goes, so goes the Chinese economy.”

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  • The Truth about the Chinese Economy

    In 2007 renowned economists, financial services companies, banks, and other top experts told the US investors that there was “nothing to worry about” with regard to Credit Default Swaps and Subprime Mortgages. Everyone was told that the booming housing and real estate industry had a long ways to go before it reached its final peak. Reporters wrote and interviewed heavily, writing stories that convinced the general public that the rising values of homes were going to continue and that a 4.3% unemployment was nothing to worry about.

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