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Stock Market Blog

Stock Market Blog

Premier Stock Blog from Martha Stokes CMT

This isn’t your average stock market blog. Martha Stokes CMT of TechniTrader provides unique and useful information on developments in the financial markets. Get a rare look into the investing habits of the professional side of the market activity. And gain important insights into how to improve YOUR investing or trading approach by checking in to see what has piqued Martha’s interest in the markets today.

Have you been looking for reliable information on the stock market beyond news reports and TV gurus?

Then look no further. You’ll learn something new at this one-of-a-kind stock blog.




Stock Market Blog by Martha Stokes CMT of TechniTrader

  • TechniTrader – creative image of Balance Of Power indicator with green arrows up and down on round volume disk platforms and price numbers around

    Balance Of Power Hybrid Stock Indicator

    One of the critical factors that separates highly successful traders from those who struggle with mediocre returns is the awareness of how new trading venues, new order processing, and new algorithms have forever changed how stocks must be analyzed to maximize profit potential in all trades. Today analyzing stocks using the Balance Of Power hybrid stock indicator reveals Dark Pools in the automated markets.

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  • TechniTrader – Hourglass on sand with money inside on one side to represent the stock indicator Bollinger Bands

    MACD Or Bollinger Bands®

    According to Google search, MACD is the most searched keyword for stock indicators and Bollinger Bands® is second. These indicators are widely known and used by both retail and professional traders. So is MACD or Bollinger Bands the better Indicator?

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  • - cartoon of man in race car heading downward as image of downtrend market

    The Six Trends Of The Stock Market

    Many individual investors view the market has having two trends, up or down. Stock and options retail traders view the market as trending or non-trending. These are simplistic viewpoints based on outdated fundamental and technical theory dating back to the Dow Theory of the 1890’s, when there were only three Market Participant Groups and a completely different Market Structure. The six trends of the stock market today are also known as the six Market Conditions that are formed from the current various nine Market Participant Groups, based on which group or groups are in control of price.

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