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TechniTrader’s Stock Market Blog by Martha Stokes CMT provides unique applicable information on what is currently happening within the Financial Markets. Each Blog article is a full report about a unique topic.

Read about what is going on with a corporation, discover what professional traders are using as new tools or strategies, and learn how institutions are selecting stocks and lowering risk factors for their portfolios.  When investors and traders understand what is going on inside Wall Street, they are better prepared for how the financial markets will perform.

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Stock Market Blog by Martha Stokes CMT of TechniTrader

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  • relational analysis for the trump economy

    Trump Economy: Will It Change Technical Patterns for Stock Charts?

    Are Technical Traders going to see changes in stock chart patterns? Will your favorite indicators or candlestick patterns change or no longer work as they once did? Definitely. What most retail traders are totally unaware of is the fact that the Market Structure is now once again in a major state of flux and uncertainty as a massive new agenda for “Wall Street” and the big banks of America begins in the new “Trump Economy.”

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  • Trade Using Sector Analysis - TechniTrader

    Finding Stocks to Trade Using Sector Analysis

    The Financial Markets use different Sector and Industry formatting than Economists. The Dow Industrial Average was established based on the economy theory of its time when there were 30 major Industries in the US, while today Economists use 31 or 32 Industries.

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  • Professional Trader - TechniTrader

    Differences between Professional Traders & Retail Traders

    Many Retail Traders assume that they are learning how to trade from a Professional Trader and that they are trading like a Professional Trader. This can pose inherent problems for the Retail Trader who is actually simply mimicking another Retail Trader. The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC recently fined companies whose representatives claimed they were “Professional Traders” when they were not, to find out more about this go to their website.

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