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    Selling Short Lesson from China

    There is a Selling Short Lesson from China where the Stock Markets of China are young compared to the US capital markets. The growth in Chinese publicly traded stocks started in 1997 when Hong Kong was returned to China by the British. This triggered a massive change in China from an agricultural 3rd world country to the second largest economy in the world in just seventeen short years.

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  • Technitrader - The New Google Corporation - The Birth of a New Mega - Conglomerate

    The NEW Google

    The founders of Google just announced an enormous restructuring plan that will make the new Google a massive conglomerate similar to how GE’s conglomerate is constructed. Google is planning on creating independent companies, each of which could become a publicly traded firm in the future. This is a radical but necessary complete restructuring of how Google currently is organized. Instead of numerous divisions all controlled by Google as the parent company, a new parent corporation called “Alphabet” is being created.

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    Tips for Short Selling Stocks

    Short Selling stocks during a Bear Market or Intermediate Term Correction should be part of a Trading Plan if you are a Swing, Momentum, or Day Trader. Often times when a technical trader is highly skilled, they can earn more on the downside action than upside action, particularly if the upside is in Platform Pattern™ or choppy sideways action.

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