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Balance of Power Indicator Study

Balance of Power Indicator Study


The Balance of Power Webinar will teach you:

  1. How this Powerful Indicator that tracks Large Lots versus Small Lots works.
  2. Why BOP gives you invaluable information about where Dark Pools are quietly accumulating, rotating, or distributing.
  3. What BOP patterns are the “footprints” of Dark Pools, HFTs, Smaller Funds, or Pro Traders.
  4. How Volume and BOP function together to give more insight into who is accumulating a stock.

5. How BOP LEADS price allowing day and swing traders to enter a stock before a huge HFT gap or big run.

As one of the very few true Accumulation/Distribution indicators that reveals large-lot trading activity, Balance of Power is extraordinarily useful to all trading styles, and for a variety of trading instruments, including: Stocks, Options, ETFs, Exchange-Traded Currencies, Exchange-Traded Bonds, Exchange-Traded Commodities, E-minis, Single Stock Futures, and Index Futures.

The uniqueness of Balance of Power is its uncanny ability to lead price, as it reveals Dark Pool activity before price moves. BOP exposes the hidden activity of the giant Institutional investors, which control $90 trillion in assets worldwide in every financial market around the globe. It has become increasingly important as an indicator and expresses more patterns and nuances as the Dark Pool Alternative Trading Systems have expanded over the past couple of years.

Watch the BOP Webinar now and start incorporating this indicator into your trading immediately.


Want more?

We offer a Balance of Power Indicator Online 8-week Study Course.

The BOP online course is the most intensive training available for the more sophisticated trader who is determined to go beyond mere red-light/green-light signals that net minimal gains and plenty of losses.

This training is taught in a manner that even a novice trader can understand and is backed with guidance and support from Martha and the TechniTrader staff.

Tools provided with the Balance of Power Indicator Study Course

Custom Chart Templates set up with various leading and subordinate indicator combinations, scans using Balance of Power to find stocks to trade, an instructional Video on how to use the charting tools, notes from Martha Stokes CMT, and a Watchlist of stocks for the semester.


Who would benefit from this Indicator Study Course:

  • Beginners who have a basic knowledge of Balance of Power.
  • Advanced traders who are struggling with interpretation and use of this indicator.
  • Professionals who are managing money for other individuals.
  • Options traders who need to understand and analyze the underlying stock action of their option trades.


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The Methodology Essentials (ME10) Course is recommended, but not required. This in-depth training is designed to augment the Balance of Power indicator training in the Methodology Essentials (ME10) Course.

Since the Balance of Power indicator is only available in TC2000, access to that charting software for the 8 weeks is required.