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The Absolute Beginner’s Intro to the Stock Market Course

The Walk Around the Market Course

For the Absolute Beginner

Designed to give the new investor or beginner trader an understanding of the stock market and what you need to learn before you buy your first stock. If you’re an absolute beginner, this introductory course is for YOU.

Who will benefit from this Course: Beginners just starting to learn about the stock market and New Traders with less than 2 years of live market experience. It is also an excellent course for filling in the holes in experienced traders’ and investors’ market knowledge.

You will learn: The history, terminology, and how the modern stock market works; the basics of understanding stock price movement; how you can make both short-term and retirement income using stocks and other investments; an introduction to the stock analysis process and mechanics of trading.

Prerequisites: None. Students do not require any prior experience in financial markets or trading to successfully complete this course.

Is this all I need to know? If you are new to trading stocks, this will give you a complete training on the basics of the stock market. It sets the foundation for your path to financial independence. When you’re ready to continue your training, we’ll help you choose the right course for your experience level and goals.

NEW online course format. When you enroll in this course, you can begin learning right away at the NEW TechniTrader Student Campus. You can now take this course from any computer or mobile device that has a web browser. And answers to your questions are just a click away!

From Students Who Took This Course:


A friend of mine introduced me to trading and God only knows how I have been in prayer concerning a career change. And I believe that this is my answer. I have a very grateful mindset for TechniTrader and so choose to type my expression of gratitude.

I have been studying a few months of TechniTrader education via webinars, website and live radio via Martha. In preparation for the Methodology Essentials course. I am so grateful! This is exactly where I need to begin my journey.

A good shout out for Tammy. She was very patient with me, created some options to choose from and helped direct the path forward.

I have built some notebooks to correspond with the course, have organized numerous tabs and begun studying the Walk Around the Market and am having a blast. As have I spoken before I could possibly send a thank you email each and every day. But I am practicing my self discipline.

Thank you Martha and Howard for believing that a beginner could learn with a proper education. And that is me! Blessings.


– Ralph R. S.


TechniTrader Team,

Thank you all. I have traded stocks for the last 10+/- years with some limited success. As I look back, my limited success was luck or good fortune. However, I was not able to trade with consistency, and capital seemed to keep slipping away. Up until when I purchased the Methodology Essentials course, I would have considered myself an intermediate trader with limited experience in stock trading and options.

As soon as I completed the Walk Around the Market primer and began the Methodology Essentials Course Premier training, I realized that my previous training and stock selection was like throwing darts blindfolded. I was following entry and exit signals from retail gurus without indicators for confirmation. I did not know why the stock direction changed just as I entered a trade.

I suspended my live trading and committed to completing TechniTrader training before I resumed stock trading or option trading live. I have kept that promise to myself.

I am happy to share that I have just completed what I would consider a one – two – three punch in stock/options training (Methodology Essentials – Relational Technical Analysis – Options).

As I complete my simulator training and transition back to live trading, my anticipation grows for the potential profits that await. I primarily will be a Position Trader with Swing Trading as I transition to retirement and market conditions warrant.

Once again, Thank you.

– Bruce L.

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