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Elite Methodology Essentials Stock Trading Course

Stock Trading Course for Career-Oriented Traders

The Methodology Essentials Course

Elite Edition

If you want to be a career trader who earns a living from the market, trading full-time, then this course is for you. To learn more about Relational Technical Analysis™ as taught in this course, please watch the “Course Preview” Video.

Who will benefit from this course: Anyone who wants to trade like a professional, or who is a professional that needs more education on Relational Technical Analysis.

What you will gain from taking this course: You will learn how to identify Dark Pools, High Frequency Traders (HFTs), and Professional Traders and how to track their technical ‘footprints’ using stock charts.

You will take your technical training to a whole new level of awareness of who is controlling price and how price is most likely to behave in the near term.

This training is for the sophisticated, career-minded trader who wants to earn income typical of professional traders. Designed for the serious trader or professional who needs more advanced technique and skill development. The advanced tools and professional-level support ensures you have a broader depth of knowledge.

With the NEW online delivery format of this course, you are able to study at your own pace, from any computer or mobile device with a web browser. Also, Communities are now available to find answers or get help from TechniTrader staff, and to share ideas with other TechniTrader students.

Join us for a top-notch educational experience!


Read the Course Outline for all the details.

This Course, (like all the other TT Courses I’ve invested in) was Excellent!

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a favorite author and philosopher of mine and he wrote… “When You Change The Way You Look at Things… The Things You Look At Change.” The RTA (TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Elite) Course was exactly that. Not only was it a wonderful refresher; it put all the rest into a clearer perspective for me, and more importantly, it’s given me a more complete process for analysis, and greater confidence in my stock picks. I especially appreciated the abundance of current examples that Martha presented throughout. It’s very clear to me now, that understanding “The Market Participants” at play; their interactions, and knowing “Who Is In Control” at any one moment, is the key to a Technical Analyst’s consistent success.

Thank you for your ongoing guidance and mentorship.

– David S.

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