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Financial Crisis Online Workshop

July 20 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

Live Interactive Training for the Stock  Market Collapse to Market Upside Reversal

Financial Crisis Online Workshop July 2019Financial Crisis Online Workshop

A Stock Market Collapse occurs without warning. There are many signs right now that the Market is at high risk of a sudden collapse. Get ready to learn the early signals of that crash, how to protect and profit from the collapse. Then learn how to recognize the sudden explosive upside momentum that comes after an extreme sell-off. This is where professionals make excellent profits while everyone else is in a state of panic.

There is money to be made both on a collapse of the market and a sudden upside reversal out of the extreme low. Martha Stokes CMT is a credentialed expert who has an uncanny ability to recognize both. Join the growing number of traders who have profited from her talent, expertise and skills in teaching you how to profit in a severe drop and the inevitable surprise reversal back to the upside. Learn what you need to know BEFORE it begins!

In this Interactive Online Workshop:

    • You will the current readings of Martha Stokes’ 12 barometers for the economy, stock market. These barometers have been extremely reliable over several bear to bull market cycles.
    • You will learn why overall global financial conditions have created this risk of a crash.
    • You will learn why each one is warning of the ever-increasing risk that a catalyst will create a massive sell down that takes stocks down further than anyone may expect.
    • You will be shown where the catalysts are in the economy and markets that will trigger the meltdown so that you are totally ready when it happens.
    • You will be taught how to be ready for the stunning recovery as the Dark Pools begin their Bargain Hunting before anyone realizes the bear is over.
    • You will be able to ask questions and request analysis of stocks, ETFs, ETNs, Mutual Funds and Indexes.


Prerequisite: 5 years of live market experience for non-TechniTrader students. Or purchase of a Methodology Essentials Course to study before the Workshop event. Special Discounts for Military Personnel.


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Our live online and archived webinars offer a full hour of training on specific topics of interest to traders and investors. Webinars are an excellent way to experience learning from Martha Stokes, CMT and Howard Johnson, STM either live or recorded.


From time to time, Martha Stokes CMT and Howard Johnson tour major cities and teach live seminars, which provide an opportunity to talk to our Co-Founders directly, and to experience how they teach in a live environment. Seminars require pre-registration and seating is limited. Most seminars fill to over capacity, so be sure and register early.

Weekly Radio Shows

Every week Martha Stokes CMT gives a talk about the stock market or investing on her radio show, where she discusses current topics of interest for both traders and investors. Her candid and frank explanation of the markets is a refreshing change from the norm, and provides a different perspective for listeners. Martha Stokes CMT Live Radio Shows.

Speaking Engagements

Martha Stokes, CMT is a highly sought after live presenter. She has been known to clear the floor of the Money Show when she speaks at these events, the rest of the show abandoned to hear her speak. Her speaking engagements are always filled to over capacity with standing room only due to her dynamic style and insightful topics. If you are interested in requesting Martha Stokes, CMT for a speaking engagement, please email with the details of your event to receive cost information.