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Hybrid Leading Indicator (TSV) Online Course - Week 8

January 22

Time Segmented Volume (TSV) Indicator Study Course

Time Segmented Volume is a relatively new indicator developed during the 1990s for the modern electronic marketplace.

TSV is a unique indicator that includes all 3 pieces of data, price, time and quantity. TSV is a volume oscillator indicator that is designed to reveal information about large lot activity versus smaller lot activity and qualities within its formula that give it leading patterns. Indicators that lead price are hybrid indicators. This course will teach how to use TSV with sub-ordinate indicators to produce a leading indicator that moves in advance of price.

Price indicators tend to follow price. What makes TSV unique from older indicators such as MACD, Stochastic, On Balance Volume, Relative Strength and Moving Averages is that it has all 3 primary data streams included in the formula.

Time Segmented Volume has a complex formula that tracks volume lots over time, exposing quiet accumulation or distribution patterns often before price changes its direction. This allows for more pre-entry preparation and better entries that are planned rather than rushing to buy a stock as it is moving.

Course start: 12/4/19 – 1/29/20

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*The Time Segmented Volume indicator is a proprietary Worden indicator available only to TC2000 charting software

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