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Martha Stokes, CMT and CEO of TechniTrader, is a popular instructor and public speaker on the subject of investing and trading in the stock market. She has taught TechniTrader’s unique and time-tested methodology for trading stocks and options at many live training events through seminars, conferences, trade shows, and webinars.

Live Training on Investing Trading in Stock Market from TechniTrader


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Those who attend Martha’s high-energy live training events, both online and in person, have said that it’s like getting hit with a water hose of information!

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Martha Stokes CMT has given live seminar training presentations for:

  • The Market Technicians Association (MTA), Seattle WA Chapter
  • The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII)
  • Money Show
  • Worden
  • MetaStock

Plus, TechniTrader itself has held live training seminars, called Retreats, that are in such high demand for the enormous amount of training provided that they have been turned into DVD courses so everyone could have the opportunity to learn from them.