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  • How to Determine Stock Trading as a Home Business?

    True profit is one big part of trading that most traders fail to include in profit evaluation. How to calculate the true cost of your trading is considering more than just the cost of Charting Software, Broker fees and charges, and possibly subscriptions to Newsletters.

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  • How to Take Advantage of HFT Algorithms?

    The important Buy Side Institutions are not front-run or affected by High Frequency Trader HFT algorithms, because they use Dark Pools which are non-transparent order systems that do not display until AFTER the order is filled. Consequently, HFT algorithms cannot see the orders of these giant Mutual and Pension Funds Institutions.

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  • What Causes Common Gaps in Candlestick Patterns?

    Many Retail Traders really enjoy trading gaps because of the higher point gains that come quickly. But in order to reap the gains from a gap, you must be in the stock PRIOR to the gap. Chasing a gapping stock or trying to buy a stock that has gapped and is running, is a much higher risk.

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