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  • What Are the Basics for Successful Stock Trading?

    If you are a new or beginning Retail Trader, there are many exciting new ways to find stocks quickly and easily. The goal needs to be to learn how to use your TC2000 charting software to maximize time and efforts, while generating the best list of stocks for potential trades for Swing Trading, Position Trading, or Day Trading. These are the most popular Trading Styles, and all begin by studying the stock chart.

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  • What Is a Low Risk Entry Candlestick Pattern?

    Trading Stocks is becoming an alternative career for many people. It offers a variety of opportunities and advantages that working for a corporation does not. The first step in learning how to trade stocks successfully, is to understand what you need to do to trade a stock for short-term profits.

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  • How to Interpret Stock Sideways Patterns?

    There are hundreds of strategies that have been developed for sideways action, but still Technical and Retail Traders have meager gains or chronic losses during Sideways Market Conditions. This is an important trend to master as the markets now trend sideways more than 60% of the time, often in patterns that are not recognized as sideways.

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