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  • How to Determine Stock Trading as a Home Business?

    True profit is one big part of trading that most traders fail to include in profit evaluation. How to calculate the true cost of your trading is considering more than just the cost of Charting Software, Broker fees and charges, and possibly subscriptions to Newsletters.

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  • How to Identify Stock Tops Early for a Market Correction?

    One of the challenges of a Market Correction is identifying stock tops early, as they often creep up on traders unexpectedly. They are surprised too often by a sudden sell-off, blaming news or an event for the selling rather than recognizing that the stock charts were showing signs of weakness long before the big decline.

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  • Why Use Chart Trends with Trendline Candlestick Patterns?

    Traders learn about Trends Up, Down, and Sideways which are the commonly taught Trends. There is also the Long-Term Trend that is sometimes called the Primary Trend, and the Intermediate and Short-Term Trends. However few traders learn the Trendline Patterns.

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