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  • Dark Pools and High Frequency Traders

    Basics for Beginner Investors & Traders

    The two most dominant Market Participant Groups in the stock and options markets today are Dark Pools and their counterpart High Frequency Traders. Dark Pools is an ominous and dubious title for the giant Mutual and Pension Fund venues, where these institutions buy and sell millions of shares of stock. Dark Pools are a benefit to both investors investing for their retirement, and for retail traders who are trading stocks for monthly income.

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  • How to Enter Lower Priced Stocks

    Many new Independent Investors and Retail Traders do not have a lot of capital to invest or trade in stocks. One key Technical Analysis aspect is how to buy a stock just as it is completing a bottom. Bottom Formations are wonderful technical patterns for any investor for long-term and for the beginner to novice Retail Trader. Also advanced Retail Traders with limited capital, will find bottoming entries far lower risk with significantly higher profitability.

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  • The Bollinger Bands® Indicator

    Bollinger Bands are used as a technical indicator, that help Retail Traders read stock charts more easily. The Bollinger Bands indicator is a Channel Indicator. Channel Indicators are lines that are drawn by the computer software program, above and below the price on the chart. The difference between Bollinger Bands and other Channel Indicators, is that Bollinger Bands expand and contract with the dimensions of the candlesticks or bar chart price.

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