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How to Profit in a Recession

How to Profit in a Recession

Are you worried about your job? Do you want to have a career where you never have to worry ever again about the economy or being fired as a robot takes your place? Then these lessons are for you.

Whether you are a long-term investor or want to be a career stock trader, you will benefit from these lessons on how to make profits trading stocks, options, and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) no matter what the economy is doing. We are becoming a Financial Investing-Based Economy. We are no longer a consumer or manufacturing economy. Start learning today so that you are ahead of the crowd when it comes to financial independence.

Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 1Lesson 1: Why There Are Bear Markets

Why there are Bear Markets and Economic Recessions, and how you can make a high income from trading stocks in both a Bull and a Bear Market. When the economy enters a recession, the stock market begins to recover. Learn the Why of the Bear, and it will be your best friend.

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Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 2Lesson 2: The What of Selling Short

The Why of Selling Short. Do you think selling short should be illegal? You’re not alone. In this lesson, you will discover that selling short actually helps slow down a stock market crash and provides you with income if you are laid off or need extra cash each month. Did you know that as a retail trader, you sell short against your broker? Start learning now.

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Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 3Lesson 3: The How of Selling Short

The How of Selling Short. Did you know that selling short is a common practice most businesses and corporations do on a regular basis? The stock market is the business of businesses, which means it is the center of business activity. Learn how selling short enables businesses to prosper and grow.

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Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 4Lesson 4: The Who of Selling Short

The Who of the Downtrend. There are now 9 distinctly different Market Participant Groups who trade and invest in the stock market. Only 3 of these groups actually sell short. Find out how you can become a member of this very Elite Group who maintains the integrity of the market while providing liquidity during a market collapse.

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Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 5Lesson 5: The When & Where of Selling Short

The When and Where of Selling Short and downtrending patterns. The downside is not the same as the upside. Stocks fall 3–5 times faster than they trend upward. Understanding how the downside technical patterns form is essential to long-term investors, ETF investors, short-term traders, and options traders.

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Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 6Lesson 6: Technical Patterns of the Downtrend

The Most Important Technical Patterns of the Downtrend. This lesson explains the new technical trends, tops, bottoms, and new support and resistance levels that form in the fully automated stock market of today. Learn these new technical patterns not taught in the traditional technical analysis books.

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Stock Market | How to Sell Short - Lesson 7Lesson 7: Selling Short Strategies

Strategies for Selling Short, Long-Term Investing in a Recession, and what trading styles to use. This final lesson wraps up the training with an explanation of how to use strategies, the New Hybrid Leading Indicators, and how to succeed at selling short.

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