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Introduction to the TechniTrader Student Online Campus

Methodology Essentials Course Students receive access to the TechniTrader Student Online Campus. This is an exclusive website for TechniTrader students only. It provides an array of additional trading support services that are continually updated. Take the Methodology Essentials Course to become a TechniTrader Student today!

Support Features include:

♦   Searchable Student Help Files

♦   Trading Tools Manuals & Videos

♦   Broker & Simulator Recommendations

♦   Recommended Charting Software

♦   Student Resources for Continuing Education

technitrader online campus for students

TechniTrader Student Help Files

Private access is granted to Methodology Essentials Students to the TechniTrader Student Online Campus at Phase 2 of the course, where you may search a large database of help files if you want to review training from the course.

Student Comments About the Student Help Files

Few more words about the ME10 course and “Wiki / Student help files” – this is really a “gold mine”. You opened an entire universe for me. Currently, I’m going through the shock to comprehend how much I need to learn and study and, of course, to practice before I can consider myself a trader… But I’m looking forward with a huge optimism because I am really enjoying this universe!

Igor S.

Our Best Recommendations for Your Trading Tools

We maintain an updated list of the best 3rd-party vendors in the trading business, from charting software to online brokerages and trading simulators, all tested and held to the highest standards for helping our students begin their trading seamlessly.

Trading Tools Manuals and Videos

At the TechniTrader Student Online Campus, you’ll have access to complete instructions for your trading tools in written and video format. These include instructions for applying the TechniTrader methodology to various charting programs, online brokers, trading simulators, our proprietary trading calculators and trading journals, and more.

Student Reviews for TechniTrader Trading Tools

Can’t believe the amount of material ya’ll have put into this course. It’s great. I’m just trying to absorb and then remember it. I ran across a ‘video’ when I was searching for ROC. Up came ‘training-process-example’. This video helped me a lot.


Curt H.

The RSI / RSI is brilliant…I have never seen a more accurate short-term trend indicator. On historical data, I would be very hard-pressed to find anything else that was even close. Also, for longer-term equities, I think what Martha does with the Linear Regression lines is fantastic, how insightful! The TechniTrader indicators are a complete “no-brainer”. MUST HAVE.


James K.

Student Resources for Continuing Your Trading Education

Finally, but certainly not least, many opportunities for continuing your trading education are available at the TechniTrader Student Online Campus. Stay up to date on upcoming events, learn about online courses you can take, how to expand your knowledge with an Elective Course, and access Martha’s daily market reports.

Student Feedback on Continuing Education

I completed the Swing Trading course and am ready for the tools. This course was outstanding, as usual. There is so much valuable information packed in each DVD, I will listen to them many times. It’s worth every penny — ten times what you charge.

Thank you for offering these courses!! They are the best!

Eileen G.

I just want to say that after I finished the Putting It All Together course, something really resonated with my trading. It is as if all my past courses made total sense and my trades have changed drastically. I am doing very well in this market, making more and not doing the silly mistakes I have made in the past. At some point, maybe I can talk with you to explain. Really happy with all my training, I am a very different trader now.

Thanks a bunch, express my thanks to Martha and the team. Also thank you for your help, you are a darling. Thank you!!

Michael C.

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