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Investment and Retirement DVD Course

Investment and Retirement DVD Course
March 18, 2019 Martha Stokes CMT

Investment and Retirement DVD Course

Self-Manage Long-Term Investing

The TechniTrader Investment and Retirement Course is the only comprehensive course on every type of investment and retirement account, with how to self-manage long-term investing for control over retirement and wealth accumulation.

This Investment and Retirement Course features the Vertical Rotational Diversification Method™ aka VRDM developed by Martha Stokes CMT. It comes with an Investment Student Support Package, and Long-Term Technical and Fundamental Tools. It also comes with a study guide manual, the Industry and Sector Annual Report, professional work sheets, and tests.

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This course includes the following:

Module 1: The World of Long-Term Investments including all financial markets, and assets.

Module 2: Types of Retirement Accounts, and how to manage each.

Module 3: Investments and Cycles. An Introduction to New Technology, Business, Industry, Stock Market, and other long-term cycles.

Module 4: The Vertical Rotational Diversification Method aka VRDM.

Module 5: Investing in Stocks and Stock Derivatives, risk factors, and opportunities.

Module 6: Exchange Traded Funds and Derivatives including ETNs, ETPs, and ETCs.

Module 7: Income Investing for Retirees, increase financial worth after retirement.

Module 8: How to apply the Vertical Rotational Diversification Method for maximum Return on Investment.

Module 9: Relational Technical Analysis™ for long-term investments.

Module 10: Relational Technical Analysis Entries and Exits for long-term stock investments.

Module 11: Fundamental Analysis using stock charts as well as fundamental data.

Module 12: Risk Analysis for long-term investments.

Module 13: Investment Management for self-managed, and working with a Certified Financial Planner.

Module 14: Investment Vertical Rotation Diversification Methodology for New Technology.

Module 15: Research of New Technologies, & next generation aggressive growth stocks.


It also includes how to work with professional investment advisors to improve the Return on Investment. Mentoring Sessions provide live interaction with the instructor, and trading study halls are also available. It is a stand-alone course and does not require any prerequisites.

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Trade Wisely,

Martha Stokes CMT

Chartered Market Technician
Instructor & Developer of TechniTrader Stock & Option Courses

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