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Market Corrections Peek Inside Video

Market Corrections Specialty Edition Course Peek Inside Video


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The Market Corrections Specialty Edition Course is for anyone who needs to understand the downside trend. This includes short term, intermediate term corrections and or Bear Markets.  Day Traders, Intraday Traders, Swing Traders, Momentum Traders, and Position Traders all need to learn how the downtrend forms and functions, which of the Market Participant Groups sell short, and how that affects selling down price action.

When traders or investors understand how a downtrend is different from an uptrend, when and why it moves faster and steeper than the uptrending market, they have invaluable information to make earlier decisions regarding held stocks, swing trading, position trading, and long term investments or retirement accounts. Everyone needs this course to truly be completely trained and educated with regards to how the stock market trends work.

The course covers the NEW Topping formations that have developed over the past few years as new professional order types, new pro trading venues, and new professional routing systems have revolutionized the internal stock market. Whatever happens within the internal market affects the outside retail stock market. By being able to identify and recognize topping action early on, decisions can be made before a stock, index fund, or ETF collapses in price or value. This is a resource course that covers every aspect, detail, and strategy for the downtrending or bear market.

By taking this course, you will elevate yourself to the professional level of understanding the complete cycle of uptrending, sideways trending, to downtrending stock markets.

Anyone who wishes to sell short during a bear market needs this course to help them with the best sell short signals (not reversal or continuation candlestick patterns but real sell short entries) show them how to identify the different Dark Pool, HFT, and pro trader footprints. Who is selling short stocks, who is rotating from one stock to another, and which market participants are either capitulating or distributing–the selling of stock to meet redemption demands. Dark Pools are hidden from exchanges and their activity can only be seen via using specific indicators in conjunction with specific price action in the chart.

Learn what you have never even realized you need to know about the downside market. Watch the video first, then read the Course Syllabus which is a complete, detailed Course Outline covering every topic in the course.

This, like all TechniTrader courses, comes with a complete set of selling short tools, scans, and templates along with the Market Corrections Course student support package, guidance, and the Student Online Campus resources.

When you are ready to enroll in one of our courses or if you have additional questions after reviewing the course outline,  Call 888-846-5577 to discuss your education and training needs with a Curriculum Advisor.

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