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MetaStock Users Blog

MetaStock Users Blog

Technical Trading Training for MetaStock Users

Stock Analysis - Weekly Articles for MetaStock Users from TechniTrader

MetaStock users have discovered that Martha Stokes CMT is the best kept secret on the MetaStock community of retail traders. Every week, Martha writes a Weekly Trading Discussion that uses MetaStock charts to help the MetaStock users community learn not only how to use MetaStock Charts better, but also to expand their knowledge base. Learn how to optimize your trading with professional analysis techniques.

MetaStock users will learn how to find Dark Pools with new Hybrid Leading Indicators, Scans and sorts that reveal where the giant institutions are buying and selling stocks. Further, Martha explains how the professional proprietary traders have learned how to tag along with the Dark Pools. This gives the pro trader a huge advantage and you can learn how to do it too.

By understanding the Dark Pools, Buy Side Institutions and Sell Side Institutions, MetaStock users will be able to alter strategies and methodologies to enter ahead of the High Frequency Trading just as the professional traders do, thereby earning significantly higher profits with less risk.

A staple of the teachings of Martha Stokes CMT resides in the 6 primary Market Conditions taught only at TechniTrader. Throughout these weekly technical training discussions, you will learn why each market condition forms, what trendline patterns are present, what candlestick patterns are most reliable, and what indicators to use.

Martha Stokes CMT has been a guest speaker for MetaStock and their annual Users Convention, in numerous seminars across the US, and in several webinars online. Often her webinars with MetaStock are filled beyond capacity with many traders waiting to get into the webinar due to so many wanting to attend.

Martha’s body of knowledge is extensive, which allows her to educate the technical trader far beyond what is available on the internet. Martha’s specialty is teaching technical traders how the financial markets work on the professional, aka institutional, side of the market. Most retail traders are shocked by what they don’t know. Learn analysis techniques that will help you achieve higher profitability and establish consistent results over time.

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  • What Are New Bottoming Formations in the Stock Market?

    During Trading Range Market Conditions when several industries are in their own Bear Market while other industries are continuing a Bull Market, determining when a stock has reached a final low or near the final low is critical for Swing Traders. They typically will be Selling Short into a bottom and then switching to Buying Long with Momentum Trading, as a stock hits the final low and moves with momentum or velocity action out of the extreme low in one of the new Bottoming Formations in the Stock Market.

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  • Why Are Platform Candlestick Compressions Ideal Entries?

    Platform Candlestick Compressions ideal entries are best for Swing and Momentum Traders, but identifying these compression patterns early is most important.

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  • How to Identify Topping Stock Price Action?

    One of the more challenging aspects of being a Technical or Retail Trader in today’s automated market is that the candlestick patterns of Technical Analysis are changing. In particular Topping Stock Price Action is often the most problematic as Traders are not aware of the changing dynamics of tops.

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