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The Methodology Essentials Elite Course Peek Inside Video

The Methodology Essentials Elite Course Peek Inside Video

This course is now delivered completely online at the NEW TechniTrader Student Campus.

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Methodology Essentials Elite Course

In the Methodology Essentials Elite Course, you will have an entire course on Relational Technical Analysis™ incorporated into the Methodology Essentials Course from TechniTrader. This body of knowledge is not available anywhere else. It will take your skills and tools for trading stocks to a new level of professionalism and success. Basically, this is two courses rolled into one course to create a custom educational experience for career or highly advanced technical traders.

Relational Technical Analysis goes far beyond the basic technical analysis taught elsewhere and teaches how to identify which of the 9 Market Participants are controlling price at that level at that time. This is invaluable information for the technical trader, as it gives them the necessary training to know what direction the price trend will take next in the near term.

With the stock market and other financial markets trending sideways more often, the RTA training in this course provides an extensive detailed training format on Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™ incorporating Market Participant Cycle patterns.

The Methodology Essentials Elite Course is the only course of its kind and is a whole new way to use technical analysis, risk analysis, and line technical fundamental analysis all within the stock chart. Incorporating more data in the charts takes trade analysis far beyond the old-style technical analysis. Career and full-time technical traders will be ready to trade with High Frequency Traders (HFTs), Pro Traders, and Dark Pools. Watch the video first, then read the Course Syllabus for a complete detailed Course Outline with explanation of topics covered in the course.

TechniTrader is the Gold Standard of Stock Education.

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