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New Student Questions & Support

New ME10 Course Students are spoiled at TechniTrader! It’s especially important in the beginning to get your questions answered and to have the support you need to get started with your trading practice for implementing the DVD training. We’re here to help!

Included with your new student support:

♦   Unlimited Questions Support with detailed answers

♦   Stock Pick Analysis as needed

♦   Guidance for setting up Trading Tools

♦   Simulator practice with support and guidance

♦   Hands-on mentoring or coaching as needed

♦   “Once a Student, always a student.”

trading questions support

Unlimited Questions Support

Get detailed answers to your questions to add to your course and study materials. We answer all questions within 24 hours. Our TechniTrader Support staff is dedicated to providing the most professional support for your trading. AND this support services doesn’t end when you complete your course. You can send in questions whenever you need help, today and for as long as you need assistance.

Check out a sample of the detailed answers you'll receive as a TechniTrader student.


From: Matt
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 1:35 PM
To: TechniTrader Courses
Subject: SEDG

Hi Mele,

How does SEDG look to you? I actually bought this stock before I did the Technitrader trading, but now it looks like it may be a good buy. Let me know what you think.




Hi Matt,

It looks like SEDG has been in a Dark Pool buy zone with good shift of sentiment patterns in BOP and TSV but the run up is extreme and could fall back easily with profit taking. So wait for the highs of the bottom to sustain and then a buy signal or platform for an entry. It’s a good watchlist stock at this point, to wait for the bottom to complete.


Mele Ainuu

Senior Technical Analyst

TechniTrader® Student Support & Guidance

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See what our students have to say about this unlimited support service.

Wow Mele that was analytical I studied your reply word by word. This course is worth every penny!

I did not expect you to pay attention to every question.

John K.

Thank you, Martha, for the explanation and for all you do to educate people about investing.  I know you invest a lot of time and effort in the process. It makes a huge difference to the financial well being of all of us and it is much appreciated!  You have great course materials and an incredible support system for your students.

I really find business and investing fascinating.  I love learning about what is going on in the world of business and how it affects all of us.

You’re a gem!

Barbara M.

Simulator Trading Guidance and Support

We’re here to help you set up your trading tools, develop a checklist process for your trading routine, and to help you get off on the right foot with your simulator trading practice. We’re available to help by email or phone.

Student feedback on Simulator Trading Support & Guidance


Thank you so much for your help today, the new columns will be so helpful. I very much am impressed with the dedication of the people at TechniTrader and how quickly my questions are addressed.

I also appreciate the links you sent and will make good use of them.

So good to talk to you,

Alexis N.


Individual Stock Pick Analysis

Upon request, we will provide a full analysis of a stock pick for you. This is an invaluable service that helps new traders see what a complete analysis looks like and how to do it.

See student feedback on the Individual Stock Pick Analysis service.

You, Martha and TechniTrader are amazing. I am learning so much. After reading Martha’s BMY technical and fundamental analysis review for the second time, I provided comments to her. The first read scared me, the second focused me. The only thing I left out of my digest of her review and plan is, I realize this is a marathon, not a 100 – 200 yard dash. I am learning and will continue on this course. Thank you for everything, your patience, your well though out & through answers and sharing your knowledge and experience with me. I really feel you care.


Rich C.


Hands-on Mentoring or Coaching

When you train with TechniTrader, you get a virtual coach who is ready to help in a hands-on way. We frequently schedule phone calls with screen-share for students so we can review what you’re doing in your trading and help you make adjustments.

See student reviews on Hands-on Mentoring & Coaching.

Thanks Mel! 🙂

… can’t thank you enough. Your technical analysis is spot on, I’m so impressed. I am absolutely going to look at chart after chart until this becomes second nature. I will follow your advice on the things to practice,  on the lesson today.

I’m excited for the opportunity to learn from you folks, I made a great decision investing in your training.

Please schedule me for next Friday, Fridays are typically the best time for me to take the information and practice over the weekend. I’m dedicated, and will achieve all of this, but as in all walks of life, you never stop learning from an expert, to become an expert.

Thank you again, I’m sure you know you can change peoples’ lives with this training. Can’t say enough. Thank you.

Tom N.

“Once a Student, always a Student.”

We don’t leave you all alone after you finish your course with us. We would never do that! Questions support is unlimited. That means you can send in as many questions as you need, for as long as you need. Once you’re a TechniTrader student, you are always a TechniTrader student. We’re always here to help.