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New Student Support: Getting Ready to Trade

New Student Support: Getting Ready to Trade

New students of the ME10 course get hands-on training and support after they have completed the DVD training. This is a perfect way to get ready to trade, a way to help bridge the gap between the book learning and implementation.

New Students Receive:

♦   25 Practice Lessons for self-paced review

♦   Market Condition Lab Class Bonus Training

♦  2 included Student Mentoring Sessions

♦  Guidance for Implementing Your Trading Style

♦  All your questions answered via email or phone


Practice Review & Market Condition Lessons Online

These self-paced online lessons give you practice with the course material and provide training on how to do the TechniTrader market condition analysis using the TechniTrader tools. This is when you start getting your hands on the education to learn how to use it.

See what our students think of the ME10 online lessons.

Well after months of my follow-up lessons being interrupted, I finally got through them all over my holiday. My success rate with the week 1-3 exercises, I am happy to say, was 100%; none of the stocks I picked turned out to be losers, and all of the ones I kept through the exercise met or exceeded the gains I had calculated. All-in-all I am beyond satisfied, and can honestly say that this has been a life-changing experience, so thank you!

Ryan P.

Student Mentoring Sessions with Martha Stokes CMT

You will be invited to attend 2 complimentary student mentoring sessions, which are webinars that Martha gives every quarter. You may take 2 sessions with your ME10 course, either live or recorded. And you get to keep access to the recordings permanently at the TechniTrader Online Campus. These are important training sessions for new students, to help them apply the training to the current market conditions.

Student Feedback for the Student Mentoring Sessions

Fantastic webinar! It is so helpful to see exactly how Martha goes through her scans and analysis on the stocks presented. It is also encouraging to know that I am doing it somewhat correctly.

Looking forward to the next one. Thanks,

Dave W.

I’m still pumped up from the encouraging and valuable training session Saturday.

Have a great week!

Mark W.

Guidance for Implementing Your Trading Style

As a TechniTrader student, you have a number of resources at your fingertips to help you begin practicing the rules of your trading style. We provide you with a comprehensive guide for setting up and beginning your practice as soon as you complete the DVD training. Student Help Files are searchable at the TechniTrader Online Campus. The market guidance services provide ongoing training for help with the best techniques for the current market, and your Student Support team is always available for help however you choose, either by email to receive a detailed answer for your study notes, or by phone.

Student feedback on Guidance for Implementing Your Trading Style

Mele, I just want to thank you for taking the time to answer all the questions I have thrown at you the last few weeks.  I have been stuck and you have opened up my understanding to some of my stumbling blocks.  I know it’s your job, but you are helping me so much, and it’s going to have a massive effect on my future.  It just means so much to have someone to help when I’m struggling.  I told my wife the other day that I can see why basically all retail traders just never get anywhere because they can never clear any hurdles.  I kind of feel sorry for them.  Martha has been a fantastic teacher and you have been so awesome in extending your knowledge.  Sometimes I feel like a dummy but it’s part of the process.  I can never repay you for all the help.  

Appreciate you!

Roger M.