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Options Trading Course Peek Inside Video

The Options Trading Specialty Edition Course Video

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TechniTrader’s Options Specialty Edition Course is for beginning to new options traders who need an easy to learn process for trading stock options or index options. Our course totally changes how options traders approach stock or index options, streamlining what is normally a very complicated trading environment while simplifying every aspect of option analysis and stock pick selection.

This course is specifically for new or beginning options traders who have limited knowledge about stock or index option trading. It uses an Option Trading Calculator for Calls or Puts that takes the guesswork and confusion out of selecting the right option chain, option contract, and option strategy. By focusing on how the stock behaves in relation to its option, and selecting stocks poised for swing or position style price action, this course makes option trading easy, fast, reliable, and simple for the beginning options trader.

Small Capital base traders who are just starting to learn how to trade stocks and options will find this course invaluable in terms of making sense of options and providing a straight-forward approach and process for option trading.

You will learn what strategies are most reliable with less risk and higher profits. You will learn how to use the stock chart to find the best options to trade at that time. The Options Trading Calculator will calculate risk, and profit potential. You will be able to determine how long to hold the option and when to sell the premium for optimal gains.

The course covers all current options strategies, indicators, and options styles. It includes a complete set of options tools, scans, and templates for stock charts for option trading. The course also has the TechniTrader student support package with individual attention for each student’s personal goals and needs.

With the TechniTrader Options Specialty Edition Course, trading options is easy, fun, and consistently profitable, with reasonable monthly income even with a small capital base.

Start by watching the video for the Options Specialty Edition Course, then read the Course Syllabus which is a comprehensive Course Outline explaining every topic taught in this excellent course for new options traders. Then if you are ready to enroll,  Call 888-846-5577 to discuss your education and training needs with a Curriculum Advisor.