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Technitrader and Free Stock Charts

Start Learning How to Use Stock Charts

Are you new to charting? This is a perfect place to start, FREE! Follow Martha Stokes CMT on to learn how to read stock charts. This is a totally free service that gives you access to a free charting program PLUS free training from a professional stock market investor and instructor. In order to be a truly successful investor or trader, you MUST learn to read stock charts.

Follow Martha Stokes CMT

Stock Charts are a graphical view of how a stock price has moved over time. Stock charts contain a large amount of data including price, time, and quantity, fundamental information, and the relationships between each. Stock Charts are your window into the stock market and also the options market. When you have learned the skills of stock chart analysis, you will be able to find stocks faster and your investments will be more reliable and more consistently profitable.

Stock charts have a language all to themselves. They are always saying something about the balance between the buyers and sellers, and the various levels of market participants in the stock at that time. When you can read a stock chart and understand what it is revealing about the stock and the company, then your consistency in selecting good stocks will increase significantly. Account: Free Stock Charts 2

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