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MetaStock and TechniTrader

MetaStock Tools: MetaStock Charting Software and TechniTrader

TechniTrader the #1 Stock Market Education Company

Two great companies combine the Science of MetaStock® with the Educational Expertise of TechniTrader to give you the skills and tools you need to be consistently successful trading stocks, options, or investments.

The TechniTrader Catalog of Courses, including the Methodology Essentials (ME10) Course and Methodology Options Trading Edition Course, provide MetaStock Traders and Investors the most complete education for stock trading, options, and long-term investing.

MetaStock Learning Center

Martha Stokes CMT is one of MetaStock’s most popular training videos presenter. MetaStock was so impressed with TechniTrader that they invited Martha to become a MetaStock Partner many years ago. Since then she has been invited to MetaStock Conferences and webinars. Everyone who watches her in action say that it is like being hit with a fire hose of information. You will be surprised and inspired by the 4 training video below, a few of Martha’s most popular MetaStock videos.

Each training video presents a different perspective and training on an essential area of study for MetaStock Users. This training is only taught at TechniTrader.


TechniTrader Trading Tools for MetaStock Charting Software

TechniTrader has developed special tools for MetaStock Charting Software to accompany our Methodology Essentials Course (ME10), Premium and Standard Editions. In addition, we offer tailored sets of Tools for swing traders, momentum traders, options traders, position traders, and long-term investors.


What do TechniTrader Tools do for you?

Our commitment to you is to give you tools that streamline your stock pick analysis and selection. MetaStock Explorations by TechniTrader make finding stocks fast and easy. MetaStock Explorations and Templates by TechniTrader do all the work for you in setting up trading style-specific searches and indicator settings for MetaStock so all you need to do is trade and invest with confidence.


TechniTrader Customized MetaStock Templates

We work hard to make your trading simple, easy, reliable, and consistent. Our custom MetaStock templates are designed specifically for different trading styles. The MetaStock charting software uses the TechniTrader hybrid indicator settings, periods, and averages that work best for particular trading styles and market conditions.

Whether you want to intraday trade, day trade, swing trade, or position trade, we have the right MetaStock® templates designed just for you, ready to go. Just click and trade, no setting up templates, no worrying about the correct settings for indicators. Trading Made Simple™.


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