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The Swing Trading Specialty Edition Course Video

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The Swing Trading Specialty Edition Course is designed for traders who want to specialize in Swing and Momentum Trading. Swing and Momentum Trading is a fast-paced trading style that is far more profitable than Day Trading or Intraday Trading with less risk, and less time required. The Swing Trading Specialty Edition Course features special buy and sell entry signals, custom swing style indicators, and a complete trading process for Swing Traders.

Swing Trading is very popular with traders who have more time to trade and who enjoy the fast-paced exciting action of the swing runs. It is also useful in both Bull and Bear Markets. Run Gain Potential determines the profitability and risk factors for each swing trade.

The Swing Trading Specialty Edition Course features emphasis on Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™ for Swing Trading. Trading with Professional Traders ahead of HFTs. Identifying Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation, Dark Pool Quiet Rotation™, or Dark Pool Quiet Distribution patterns before stocks run with momentum for fast, reliable runs with solid point gains.

The goal is to find strong stocks with underlying momentum that will generate several to many points profit in a single trade over a few days time.

This course will also help Day Traders and Intraday Traders who struggle with consistent profitability. By training the Day Trader to properly identify stronger momentum pre-run activity, Dark Pools, HFTs and Pro Traders, Day Traders learn to find the best picks rather than relying upon the unreliable recommended stocks, Tweets, Twits, and other problematic Retail Trader stock picks.

The Swing Trading Specialty Edition Course includes customized Swing Trading tools, scans, templates, sorts, and personal criteria for Swing Momentum Trading. It also includes our outstanding student support for Swing and Day Traders who need up-to-date daily support, via Market Open Reports, Market Condition Analysis Reports, Daily Training Reports, Swing Trader resources, Swing Trader stock pick analysis, and much more.

Start by watching the Swing Trading Edition Video, then read the Course Syllabus which is a complete, detailed Course Outline covering every topic taught in the Swing Trading Course.

When you are ready to enroll or if you have more questions, call 888-846-5577 to discuss your education and training needs with a Curriculum Advisor.

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