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Position Course Peek Inside Video

The Position Trading Specialty Edition Course Peek Inside Video

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The Position Trading Methodology Essentials Edition Course is specifically for traders who do not have time to trade every day but still want to earn monthly income from stock trading. The Position Trading Edition is 2 courses rolled into one to give part-time traders the opportunity to trade once a week or a few times a month while still making high profits.

Position Trading as taught by TechniTrader is not positional trading, but a completely different approach to trading stocks. With the Position Trading Elective, the hold time of the trade is 1 week to several weeks, with net gains in points much higher than Swing or Day Trading.

This is our most popular trading style we teach as it is easy to learn and students are up to speed, trading sooner with less time, lower risk, and higher points gained on every trade. Position trading is favored by anyone who is still working full-time, stay-at-home parents, women traders, and those in the military as it doesn’t require the intensive time-consuming daily activity of Day or Swing Trading. Retirees who do not want to spend all day in front of a computer or on their mobile devices also prefer this trading style over all others.

The slower-paced platform trend is used as the entry level for the trade. The hold time is based upon the target gain potential to a strong resistance level. This provides significantly higher points gained over the duration of the trade with lower trade costs.

Since the stock market is trending sideways more often these days, Position Trading offers more opportunities for trading part-time.

After you watch the Video, then read the Course Syllabus which is a complete, detailed Course Outline on all the topics covered in the course. This course comes with a complete set of position style customized trading tools, scans, and templates. It also includes TechniTrader Support for Position Traders.

When you are ready to enroll or if you need more information about which course to select for your trading goals, call 888-846-5577 to discuss your education and training needs with a Curriculum Advisor.

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