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Methodology Swing Trading Edition

Methodology Swing Trading Edition

USD $4,494.00

USD $4,494.00

Swing Trading is a fast-paced trading style for active traders and career or professional traders who are making a living from trading stocks.

This style of trading can be done intraday, or daily using momentum and velocity runs with precise entries and exits.

With this package, you get the Premier Methodology Essentials Plus the Swing traders Module. Perfect for those who want to learn all styles, but specialize in Swing or Day trading.

In addition, the course comes with our ongoing no time limit course support for students at no extra cost.

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Who would benefit from this course?

Swing Traders, Momentum Traders, and Day Traders. Traders trading as a business, Position Traders, Options Traders who need to have an alternative trading style and Professionals, regardless of prior education will benefit significantly from this course. The Methodology Essentials Swing Trading Specialty Edition Course is a self-paced home study course with a study guide, ongoing support, and swing-style trading tools, custom swing style chart layouts, swing trading scans, sorts, criteria, worksheets, and test packets.

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