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Stock Charting Scans, Screeners, & Filters

How to Use Stock Scans

TechniTrader - TC2000 Professional Style ScansIn the Stock Scan Training Webinar, You Will Learn:

  •  What a Stock Scan is and how to use it.
  •  How to create your own custom scans.
  •  Which Personal Criteria to use in your scans.
  •  How to use Sorts and other screening tools to improve your scan.
  •  How scans make finding Stock Picks fast and easy.
  •  When to use scans versus watchlists.

Scans are called different things by various charting software. Explorers, Screeners, Filters, and Searches are just a few of the terms used by charting companies, but all are scans. A scan is a set of criteria or parameters that screens down the thousands of stocks available to trade to a much smaller, more manageable list. Criteria for a scan are determined by what the scan is expected to bring up for you to trade.

Scans are an excellent way to simplify and focus your everyday workload for trading.

  • Streamline Finding Stocks to trade for day trading, swing trading, or position trading.
  • Sort and Scan after the market closes for the day. This allows you time to analyze potential stocks.
  • Learn to incorporate the best criteria, but also how may criteria are ideal for a scan.
  • Discover how to set parameters that will screen down stocks to a list that is manageable.
  • Use scans for building watchlists for future entries.
  • Find stocks for options trading.
  • Set candlestick criteria for better entries and exits.
  • Customize scans for your trading parameters.

Worden Charting Software and TechniTrader have been working together for almost 2 decades. Two great companies combine the Exceptional Charting of Worden Charting Software with the Educational Expertise of TechniTrader Training to give you the skills and tools you need to be consistently successful trading stocks, options, or other investments.

We have been using this top-notch charting software to teach trading since 1998. Worden Charting Software Users can enjoy an array of customized tools and services that are included with TechniTrader courses.


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