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Stock Charts Explained for beginners

Stock Charts Explained

stock charts explained webinar taught by technitraderStock Chart Analysis Webinar for Traders

Learn an easier way to analyze stock charts to choose the best stocks to trade with the highest profit potential.  Swing Traders, Day Traders, or Position Traders will learn simple tricks that make reading stock charts fun and rewarding.

This webinar is for beginner to novice traders who want to quickly find stocks to trade and need more training on reading stock charts. Take your trading to the next level by learning stock chart analysis skills you can use right away.

The webinar includes analysis of several charts, explaining what the chart can give you, such as:

1.  Are your stock charts set up properly? Is the aspect ratio correct? If not your trading decisions may create higher risk.

2.   The relationship between PRICE, TIME, and QUANTITY on the stock chart. This matters and most traders do not know this.

3.  Proper Period settings, layout, combinations of indicators.

4.  How different time frames should be used and what trading styles use which time frames.

5. What drawing tools are best for you.

6.  What time frames are ideal for intraday, day, swing, or position trading.

7.  How to interpret the relationship between price and indicators.

8.  How to set up indicators properly for the best and fastest analysis and confirmation of price action.

9.  The #1 mistake many traders are making when they use stock charts.

10.  How professional traders use stock charts.

This Stock Charts Explained webinar video will give you valuable information you can use immediately for finding stocks to trade. It will help you have a better understanding of how to use stock charts and how to avoid the common errors and mistakes most retail traders make without even realizing it. This webinar will be of benefit to both the brand new trader and the novice trader with some experience.


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