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  • Why Use Stock Volume and Quantity Analysis?

    Before there were High Frequency Traders HFT, Dark Pools, Twilight Pools, and an 80% automated marketplace, the most important indicator was price. Many Retail Traders learned simply to rely upon price action and rarely considered stock volume or quantity analysis.

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  • What Are 5 Tips for Sell Short Success?

    Selling Short is a Trading Style few Retail Traders and Technical Traders use even during major Bear Markets. The reason is because it is often far more challenging to understand the technical patterns of the downtrend which include 5 Tips for Sell Short Success.

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  • How to Sell Short Using a Swing Trading Style?

    How to Sell Short Using a Swing Trading Style is a skill set that most Retail Traders have not yet mastered. Many traders assume that trading Sell Short is “bad for the market” or that it creates huge sell-offs. However the SEC MIDAS Computer, which tracks all the Stock Market activity shows otherwise.

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