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  • How to Have a Complete Data Set for Stock Chart Analysis?

    In the early days of Technical Analysis, all of the data from the Stock Market was not readily available in a format that could be hand-drawn on a chart. The earliest chartists had to create their charts using either Point and Figure, Line, or Bar Charts. Candlesticks were not introduced to the western markets until the 1990s.

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  • Why Analyze Sideways Bottoming Stock Trends?

    The Shift of Sentiment™ pattern in the chart example below, clearly and easily shows that Buy Side Institutions using Dark Pools entered this stock and would quickly take control of price. Sideways bottoming stock trend analysis of the chart shows a sudden reversal occurred when they moved in quietly, even while the price continued downward for a brief period after the Shift of Sentiment.

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  • What Are Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™?

    All Technical Traders need to have very high visual pattern skill development so that they can click through charts quickly, and identify patterns that they prefer to trade. Unfortunately for most Retail Traders this skill is underdeveloped, leaving them to rely too much on recommendations, news, chat rooms, and ideas from other traders.

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