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  • What is Better than MACD?

    MACD is the most popular retail trader stock indicator; however, it often lags price due to the fact that it is based on moving averages. There is a way to improve the use of MACD for earlier signals and entries to increase profits and lower risk.

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  • Position Trading Stocks for Extra Income

    Position Trading Stocks with for Extra Income. Learn a Better Way to Trade Stocks Using When someone thinks about trading stocks, most of the time, either day trading or swing trading pops into their head.

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  • Market Participant Groups Cycle

    The Market Participant Groups Cycle occurs in visual candlestick patterns on the charts, and analysis should be confirmed with appropriate indicators. The following is a break down of how Market Paticipant Groups Move Price in Specific Ways, with the groups name in the cycle. The Index chart example below shows their footprints.

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