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  • How to Position Trade Bottoming Stocks?

    Many traders do not have the time or resources to trade the most well-known styles which are Day and Swing Trading. Both of these styles require more time, a higher capital base, and the ability to be trading early morning or afternoon while the market is open.

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  • Why Are Favorite Technical Chart Patterns No Longer Reliable?

    Many traders are complaining that their favorite Technical Candlestick Patterns no longer work, or work some of the time but fail more often than not. Technical Traders who have relied upon Technical Analysis patterns that were identified, named, and written about starting in the 1970’s are finding these once very consistent patterns are now questionable.

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  • What Is the Stock Market Participant Groups Cycle?

    The Stock Market Participant Groups Cycle occurs in visual candlestick patterns on the charts, and analysis should be confirmed with appropriate indicators. The following is a breakdown of how Stock Market Participant Groups move price in specific ways, with the groups name in the cycle. The Index chart example shows their footprints.

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