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  • Why Use Position Trading Stocks for Extra Income?

    When someone thinks about trading stocks, most of the time, either Day Trading or Swing Trading pops into their head. However, many people do not have the time or the desire to sit at a computer or even on their phone trading stocks every day of the week.

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  • What Is the Hidden Power Within Candlestick Charts?

    Most traders do not leverage the full potential of Candlestick Charts when trying to find stocks to trade. Often, they spend more time searching for a reversal or continuation pattern than they do putting on stock trades to make money. Your time is money spent whether you realize it or not. You are worth a dollar amount per hour, so every hour you are spending studying Candlestick Trading Patterns is costing you money.

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  • Why Use Stock Volume and Quantity Analysis?

    Before there were High Frequency Traders HFT, Dark Pools, Twilight Pools, and an 80% automated marketplace, the most important indicator was price. Many Retail Traders learned simply to rely upon price action and rarely considered stock volume or quantity analysis.

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