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  • Compression Candlestick Pattern Indicator Analysis

    All indicators have limitations, market conditions where the indicator fails or does not provide a true positive or negative pattern, or simply is unable to keep up with the speed of momentum price or volume activity.

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  • Swing Trade Tips for Selling Short

    Swing Trade Selling Short is a skill set that most retail traders have not yet mastered. Many traders assume that selling short is “bad for the market” or that it creates sell huge sell-offs. However, the SEC Midas Computer, which tracks all the stock market activity, shows otherwise.

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  • Platform Candlestick Compression Patterns

    The stock chart example below recently had a strong “Pop Out of the Box” candlestick pattern, after a Platform compression pattern. Preceding the compression, the price action was a Trading Range. Often times Trading Ranges compress into a tighter formation when accumulation by giant Buy Side Institutions is underway.

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