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  • How to Interpret Extreme Candlestick Patterns?

    Every Technical Trader and Retail Trader knows that Bottom Formations are often completed with a Momentum or Velocity run, but few are able to capture those big gains because they are unable to recognize the candlestick patterns that precede it. Instead, most Technical Traders chase the run, and either net a mediocre profit or have a small loss instead of the big gains they wanted.

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  • Why Are Quantity Indicators Most Important?

    Momentum Runs are not perpetual. At some point, Professional Technical Traders who are one of several drivers behind Momentum Runs, will take profits at technical resistance levels.

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  • Why Are Favorite Technical Chart Patterns No Longer Reliable?

    Many traders are complaining that their favorite Technical Candlestick Patterns no longer work, or work some of the time but fail more often than not. Technical Traders who have relied upon Technical Analysis patterns that were identified, named, and written about starting in the 1970’s are finding these once very consistent patterns are now questionable.

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