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  • Why Use the Detrending Price Oscillator Indicator?

    One of the crucial requirements for Swing and Day Traders is the ability to identify the commencement of a bottom in a stock chart candlestick pattern. This offers two huge advantages to the Technical Trader.

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  • How to Identify Candlestick Patterns of Bounces, Rebounds, & Reversals?

    During a Downtrend price does not just go down, instead it often has brief periods where it moves up. Determining whether it is just a Bounce, Rebound, or if it is a true Reversal requires Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™ to read the stock chart properly.

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  • How to Determine a Downtrend Is Reversing?

    Technical Traders and Retail Traders need to be able to identify Reversal Candlestick Patterns during a Downtrend in order to avoid huge losses on Selling Short Trades, and to be prepared and ready for early entry in the reversal of the trend. When a Downtrend concludes with a V candlestick exhaustion pattern, the extreme selling reverses suddenly. This is because stocks drop into Buy Side Institution Dark Pool Buy Zones™ where Time Weighted Average Price orders trigger automatically reversing the trend suddenly, even midday.

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