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  • Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™

    All Technical Traders need to have very high visual pattern skill development so that they can click through charts quickly, and identify patterns that they prefer to trade. Unfortunately for most Retail Traders this skill is underdeveloped, leaving them to rely too much on recommendations, news, chat rooms, and ideas from other traders.

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  • Beyond Basic Candlestick Pattern Analysis

    There is a plethora of training on Candlestick Pattern Analysis and interpretation, and yet this remains one of the most problematic areas for Technical Traders who want to trade at the expert level, earning high income from just trading stocks. Once the basics of Japanese Candlestick Patterns are understood, it is time to move up to the next tier of analysis. That is being able to recognize not only where a pattern is, but also who forms that pattern, why they are capable of creating that pattern, what automated orders generate that pattern, and which Market Participant Groups react or chase that pattern.

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  • Chart Platform Compression Patterns for Early Entries

    The stock chart example below recently had a strong “Pop Out of the Box” candlestick pattern, after a Platform compression pattern. Preceding the compression, the price action was a Trading Range. Oftentimes Trading Ranges compress into a tighter formation when Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation is underway.

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