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  • Dynamics of a High Frequency Trading Gap Down

    Disney stock has been under Quiet Rotation™ for over a year as Giant Funds quietly and slowly reduced the number of held shares in their portfolios using Dark Pools, in expectation of a slow-down for Disney business. All businesses have an internal cycle. Being able to identify when that cycle poses a high risk for a huge High Frequency Trading gap down is an important skill all Retail Traders and Technical Traders need to develop, in order to recognize the dynamics of a High Frequency Trading gap down forming prior to the gap occurring.

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  • Price, Volume, and StockCharts Accumulation/Distribution Indicator

    The Stockcharts indicator Accum/Dist was designed to help track the large lot activity versus the small lot activity. Decades ago when the concept of distinguishing between the large lots versus small lots started being discussed by the Sell Side Institutions, the Stock Market was an entirely different Market Structure. Almost all orders then were filled on the exchanges via Market Makers.

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  • Users Scans Optimized Users Scans Optimized Take the Guesswork out of Finding Stocks Using TechniTrader Tools If you haven’t been to recently, you are in for a big surprise with a new facelift and new trading tools and scan features.

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