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  • New Bottom Formations for Technical Traders

    One thing that is a constant in the Financial Markets and especially in the Stock Market over the past few years is change. Everything about Technical Analysis is changing.

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  • Opportunities for Huge Profits in Trading ETFs

    Thousands of new Exchange Traded Funds ETFs have been created over the past few years, providing another way to trade stocks for short-term profits. All ETFs are based on a group of stocks often called an index. Often the most popular ETF among traders is the DIA or Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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  • Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™

    All Technical Traders need to have very high visual pattern skill development so that they can click through charts quickly, and identify patterns that they prefer to trade. Unfortunately for most Retail Traders this skill is underdeveloped, leaving them to rely too much on recommendations, news, chat rooms, and ideas from other traders.

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