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  • How to Use High Frequency Trader Trigger Entries for Swing Trading?

    One of the most exasperating experiences for many Users is to open their charts to find a stock that has run or gapped with momentum energy. These huge one day gains occur when High Frequency Traders HFTs fill the queues ahead of market open. This forces the computer automated market makers to gap or run the stock up at market open.

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  • What Are Stock Chart Platform Compression Patterns for Early Entries?

    The stock chart example recently had a strong “Pop Out of the Box” candlestick pattern, after a Platform compression pattern. Preceding the compression, the price action was a Trading Range. Oftentimes Trading Ranges compress into a tighter formation when Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation is underway.

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  • Using a Complete Data Set for Analysis

    In the early days of Technical Analysis all of the data from the Stock Market was not readily available, in a format that could be hand-drawn on a chart. The earliest chartists had to create their charts using either Point and Figure, Line, or Bar Charts. Candlesticks were not introduced to the western markets until the 1990s.

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