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  • What Are the Best Candlestick Pattern Stock Indicators?

    It used to be that price was the most important indicator on a stock chart. Most stock indicators, market breadth indicators, and sector indicators are based solely on price and time due to the importance weighted on price action in the past. Most stock indicator writers of the 20th century focused on writing Price and Time Indicators to reveal patterns not easily seen in price charts of that era.

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  • Why Analyze Price, Volume, & Accum/Dist Indicator Combined?

    The indicator Accum/Dist was designed to help track the large lot versus small lot activity. Decades ago, when the concept of distinguishing between the large versus small lots started being discussed by the Sell Side Institutions, the Stock Market was an entirely different Market Structure. Almost all orders then were filled on the exchanges via Market Makers.

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  • How to Identify New Candlestick Pattern Topping Formations?

    One of the challenges for Technical Traders is learning the new Topping and Bottoming Formations that have emerged in the past few years. The Topping Formations in the current market can be a surprise for traders. Learning How to Identify New Candlestick Pattern Topping Formations, is by including additional Volume and Quantity Indicators with those you are already using.

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