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Stock DVD Options Course

Stock DVD Options Course
March 18, 2019 Martha Stokes CMT

Stock Market DVD Options Course

Specialize in Trading Stock Options

The Options Trading Course is designed for Traders who want to become Specialists in trading Stock Options, and for Beginner Options Traders. All Options Trading Courses are an add-on to the Methodology Essentials Course. This course features the TechniTrader Options Process™ which is exclusive training that is unique to our education.

The Definitive Guide to Options Trading Course has 10 modules based on DVD training. It comes with a complete Swing Trading Student Support Package, online Wiki help files, online training, support, guidance, mentoring sessions, customization, customized integrated Options Style Trading Tools for student charting software, templates, trading scans, sorts, and Options simulator trading. In addition this course comes with a study guide manual, professional work sheets, and tests.

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This course includes the following:

Module 1: An introduction to the world of stock, and stock derivatives Options.

Module 2: Options Terminology, common Options jargon.

Module 3: How to understand and use the correct Options Premiums and Contracts.

Module 4: The NEW Options Market Structure and how it impacts retail Options trading.

Module 5: The Evolution of Options Trading from Option strategies to Option analysis.

Module 6: How and when to use Options to maximize your monthly income.

Module 7: Implementation of the Options Trading Process.

Module 8: New Options Products. When, how, & where to use exotic Option products.

Module 9: Options Trading Styles for Retail Traders.

Module 10: Risk Analysis for Options, Options Calculator, Trade Management.


The Options Trading Course is customized to fit individual student needs. Mentoring Sessions provide live interaction with the instructor, and trading study halls are also available. This course has a prerequisite of one of the 3 Methodology Essentials Courses.

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Trade Wisely,

Martha Stokes CMT

Chartered Market Technician
Instructor & Developer of TechniTrader Stock & Option Courses

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TechniTrader Student Review of this Options Trading Course

Please forward this to Martha, she can tell others about my story.

1) I started to learn to trade options before I learned how to trade stocks, with a minimal sized account. I learned from a short term weekly options trader. Of course, I lost my account, almost all of it.

Then I learned from another one who also trades options but more conservatively, he both longs and writes options. But at that time, I already knew why I would have to do so much work to make little gains where I saw the simple Long Call and PUTS can make so much more money. The risk to write options is phenomenal.

A friend at the time told me that she loves using the strategies because she loves MATH!  She also worked for her clients as a trader. At that point, I knew so much less then about Technical Analysis but I said if she loves MATH, she should buy a MATH book and practice MATH. Trading’s purpose is to make MONEY!!! Later on she disclosed to me that very often clients do not know what the broker/trader is doing. All she did was to make sure the accounts “looked like” the money was still there. After she lost on trades, she would sell options for her clients again so that money would show up in their accounts!!! And they did not know exactly what was happening.

2) The people who use multi-leg options do not know where the stocks are going and most of the time they admit this too by these gurus, but TechniTrader students can see and should know where it is going.

3) When Martha put out the Options Course after I had become a TechniTrader student, I was contemplating whether I should take it or not because I had taken it from 3 different people, (short courses) already. I didn’t know whether I should spend the money on another options course.


(Something like that). So because of her one sentence I thought to myself, Martha and Howard have been in the trading and education business for a long time. Someone with their long history in trading should normally be holding steadfast to the “Multi-leg Strategies,“ as were being promoted by the norm. So there must be something that I should not miss out on. Just because of her ONE SENTENCE, I TOOK HER OPTIONS COURSE.

SHE AND HOWARD ARE BRILLIANT. Only buying the options at ATM will allow us to totally ignore the GREEKS, making them irrelevant. All we have to do is to calculate the breakeven points and voila, who cares if they consolidate a few more days or weeks depending on the expiration being purchased. Our profit will be there once it gets there in its time. Martha taught us how far and how long a stock should take to get to its potential target, and that is really the most sure way to play options safely.


Thank you,

Monique C.

Martha Stokes, CMT is co-founder and CEO of TechniTrader. She is a retired professional Buy-Side Analyst and was awarded the Chartered Market Technician designation for her thesis, "Cycle Evolution Theory." Martha is a passionate teacher of the financial markets and a prolific writer, having created over 40 stock, option, and financial market courses.