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Candlestick Charts Training

Candlestick Charts by TechniTrader

Candlestick Chart Training

TechniTrader - Candlestick Stock Charts

What you will learn in this Training Webinar:

  1. What are Candlesticks and how to use them.
  2. How to identify the best candlestick patterns.
  3. How to analyze the chart using candlesticks.
  4. What are entry and exit signals and how to use them.
  5. Why candlestick charts are the best.
  6. What candlestick patterns are the most reliable.
  7. What is Support and Resistance.

There are candlestick entry signals that tell you when a stock is poised to move suddenly and rapidly. There are also candlestick exit signals that tell you when to sell the stock for highest profits.

This Training Webinar will teach you the basics of candlestick charts and how to use them.

This is a TRAINING WEBINAR. Please take notes and follow along with the instructor.

Basics of Candlestick Charts:

Candlesticks are called that because the chart looks like candles. This type of chart for technical analysis came from the original Japanese Candlesticks developed in Japan for the rice commodities exchange in the 1600s. Therefore, most of the original names of the candlesticks are based on Japanese terms.

To simplify learning candlesticks, TechniTrader has developed a set of buy and sell signals that are the most reliable for the automated stock market of today. These buy entry and sell exit candlestick patterns are not taught elsewhere.

By using English terms that describe the near-term action, such as Springboard, Hurdle, Pole Vault, Resting Day, and so on, it is easier for our students to use candlesticks.

You will learn one of these candlestick buy signals in this training.