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Relational Analysis

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Who will benefit from this Training Webinar:

  1. This is an Advanced traders training webinar.
  2. Beginners may feel overwhelmed with the concepts they have never heard about before.

Relational Analysis streamlines all analytical aspects of the 4 primary analyses. Relational Analysis improves the stock or asset selection process. Modern Charting Software makes it is easy to incorporate this new way of analyzing stocks. Relational Analysis speeds up trade analysis, making it more reliable and consistent.

Please take notes during this training webinar as it contains a huge amount of education you need about what goes on within the market structure. Relational Analysis is the evolution of technical analysis and embodies 4 types of analysis into one easy to use format. This allows the retail trader to analyze stocks as the professionals and institutions analyze stocks.

This webinar will open a door into a whole new world of stock chart analysis, comprehension, and understanding of WHY stocks and the market move and who is the driving force behind each type of price action.


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