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Stock Tips

  • The Most Important Stock Tip for Beginners

    As a beginner learning about the stock market, there is one tip you never hear about. Stock Tips for Beginners are often just offering a stock pick, or tips everyone already knows. The one tip you really need is something most beginners never consider or realize is that important.

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  • Candlestick Charts for Stocks Explained

    If you are a beginner or novice trader with less than 2 years of trading experience, Candlestick Charts can help speed up the process of finding the best stocks to trade. Candlestick Charts are the easiest of all the charting formats to learn, as they provide more information in a graphical way that anyone can learn.

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  • The Six Trends of the Stock Market

    Many Individual Investors view the market as having two trends, up or down. Stock and options Retail Traders view the market as trending or non-trending. These are simplistic viewpoints based on outdated fundamental and technical theory dating back to the Dow Theory of the 1890’s, when there were only three Market Participant Groups and a completely different Market Structure. The six trends of the stock market today are also known as the six Market Conditions that are formed from the current various nine Market Participant Groups, based on which group or groups are in control of price.

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