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Stock Tips

  • What Are the Differences Between Sell Short & Buying Long?

    Stocks move upward in fairly typical patterns that occasionally alternate and shift for instance from Stairstep Candlestick Patterns to Peaks and Valleys. But the sell side of the market can often drop like a dead weight. An uptrend looks like a gentle slope upward until the peak which is often more steep, but the downside frequently looks like a Sheer Cliff. Stocks will plummet far faster than they rise. This makes trading Sell Short in the Stock Market more profitable for a short amount of time, but also riskier because of the momentum behind the runs.

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  • News and Stocks

    Whenever I see a feature about a company on the front of a popular magazine or in the news, I am confident that the stock of that company is probably at an extreme and a very high risk for either a steep retracement or a reversal of trend even before checking the stock chart. That is because magazines and general news media only report on companies after the fact and after the stocks have been moving for a long time.

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  • Tips for Learning the Stock Market for Beginners

    7 Things You Need to Know to Get Started in the Stock Market. For most beginners, the Stock Market is a confusing and complex place. Here are 7 Tips to help you start your investing or trading career with success.

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