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Stock Tips

  • Stock Trading for Beginners

    The most vulnerable time for any stock trader is when they are first learning about how to trade stocks. Promotions for Stock Trading Beginners are everywhere and most are scams. They are other Retail Traders who were not successful trying to teach beginner stock traders, or they are brokers enticing you with promises of instant wealth.

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  • Easiest Way to Find Candlestick Patterns for Trading

    If you are new to Candlestick Charts, then the huge list of Japanese terms for Candlestick Patterns can be overwhelming. Today you will learn Three Tips anyone can learn to quickly find great stock picks using a simple method for recognizing important Candlestick Patterns for stock trading.

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  • Buy on the Dip as a Swing Trading Strategy?

    Buy on the Dip is a very old-style strategy that is frequently touted as “brand new” to new and beginning stock traders, novice swing traders, and new investors. The theory is you want to “buy low and sell high.” But more often than not, new traders and investors discover it is not as easy as it sounds. Does the buy on the dip strategy still work in the modern, fully automated stock market?

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