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Stock Tips

  • Easiest Way to Find Candlestick Patterns for Trading?

    If you are new to Candlestick Charts, then the huge list of Japanese terms for Candlestick Patterns can be overwhelming. There are Three Tips anyone can learn to quickly find great stock picks, using a simple method for recognizing important Candlestick Patterns for stock trading.

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  • Money Flowing In and Out of a Stock

    Professionals often speak of money flowing in or out of a stock, but how can that be if there are an equal number of buyers and sellers? Money flow is the balance of the lot sizes. At most times there are four positions in any one stock which are Buy, Buy-to-Cover, Sell, and Sell Short. Each of investor and trader in the stock has their own separate agenda. Each may come from a different Market Participant Group, and there are now nine of these groups in the stock market including institutional investors which are giant Mutual and Pension Funds, investment groups and small funds, corporations, wealthy individual investors, High Frequency Traders HFTs, institutional traders, individual small lot investors, individual retail traders, and odd lot traders.

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  • Is Day Trading Right for YOU?

    Day Trading is one of the most widely promoted styles of trading stocks for beginners and new Retail Traders. Many training companies teach Day Trading to beginners, but is this in their best interest? Or is Day Trading mostly hype and promises that scam the beginning stock trader? Take This Test to See if Day Trading is Right for YOU:

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