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Stock Tips

  • Buy the Dip as a Swing Trading Strategy?

    Buy the Dip is a very old-style strategy that is frequently touted as “brand new” to new and beginning stock traders, novice swing traders, and new investors. The theory is you want to “buy low and sell high.” But more often than not, new traders and investors discover it is not as easy as it sounds. Does Buy the Dip strategy still work in the modern fully automated Stock Market today?

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  • How Do Dark Pools & HFT Affect Stocks & Options?

    There are two dominant Stock Market Participant Groups in the Stock and Options Markets. The giant Buy Side Institutions use Alternative Trading Systems, which create Dark Pools to hide their buying and selling. Their counterparts are the High Frequency Traders HFT, which are companies that have written computer program algorithms.

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  • How to Specialize in a Trading Style?

    A specialist reaps higher returns because they are focused, and certain kinds of stocks behave in a certain way because a small section of Stock Market Participant Groups dominate in that stock. In other words, certain traders trade certain types of stocks. If you learn to read a type of stock really well, you will be able to anticipate the patterns with far more accuracy.

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