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Stock Tips

  • What Are the Six Trends of the Stock Market?

    Many Individual Investors view the market as having two trends, up or down. Stock and Options Retail Traders view the market as trending or non-trending. These are simplistic viewpoints based on outdated fundamental and technical theory dating back to the Dow Theory of the 1890’s, when there were only three Market Participant Groups and a completely different Market Structure.

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  • What Are the TechniTrader Basic Trading Rules?

    Wealth takes time, and it takes effort and control. Most people who win the lottery lose all of it in less than a year, because they have not learned how to control that kind of money. Ask yourself if you are ready emotionally for larger profits. Do the financial self-worth test once in a while. People sabotage their own dreams and goals all the time and never realize it. Making money is not the problem, the problem is in learning how to manage it.

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  • Buy on the Dip as a Swing Trading Strategy?

    Buy on the Dip is a very old-style strategy that is frequently touted as “brand new” to new and beginning stock traders, novice swing traders, and new investors. The theory is you want to “buy low and sell high.” But more often than not, new traders and investors discover it is not as easy as it sounds. Does the Buy on the Dip strategy still work in the modern, fully automated Stock Market?

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