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Stock Tips

  • Buy on the Dip as a Swing Trading Strategy?

    Buy on the Dip is a very old-style strategy that is frequently touted as “brand new” to new and beginning stock traders, novice swing traders, and new investors. The theory is you want to “buy low and sell high.” But more often than not, new traders and investors discover it is not as easy as it sounds. Does the Buy on the Dip strategy still work in the modern, fully automated stock market?

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  • How to Not Lose Money in the Stock Market

    Beginners and Advanced Traders alike all want to know how to make money in the stock market. But what they really need to learn is how to not lose money in the Stock Market from trading, that is the real secret to consistent success. Let’s talk about how you can learn not to lose money in the stock market. Many seminars will talk about trading as a zero sum game, and that is the first falsehood most traders learn.

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  • Stock Trading Myths

    Stock Trading Myths cause trading losses. Take this simple test to see whether you know which is a fact and which is a myth.

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