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TC2000 Indicators Taught by TechniTrader

Balance of Power Stock Indicator


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You will learn:

  1. How Balance of Power has changed over the past decade and why.
  2. The new Balance of Power signals.
  3. What Shift of Sentiment means on BOP.
  4. Why you should use Balance of Power to find Dark Pool activity.
  5. How BOP reacts to HFT action.

BOP Training

To use Balance of Power properly, traders must also analyze:

  1. WHERE in the trend the BOP is showing color or neutral.
  2. How long the bars are and the duration of that length over time.
  3. The relationship between price patterns and BOP.
  4. Liquidity and shares traded.
  5. Market Condition.


tc2000 indicators taught by technitrader

technitrader tc2000 partners indicators webinar

Howard Johnson, co-founder of TechniTrader with Michael Thompson of TC2000. Howard is getting ready to do a live Webinar with Worden TC2000.

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Interpreting Balance of Power

TC2000 users have a huge advantage over other retail traders as they have access to 3 of the most powerful indicators for today’s automated, multi-venue stock and options markets. The complexity of the modern markets challenges retail traders more than ever before.  This challenge as increased exponentially since the advent of retail trading in the 1990’s as retail brokers made it possible for the average person to trade short term.

TC2000’s proprietary indicators offer the ability to detect Dark Pool Buy Zones, Preset patterns for HFT gaps, and Professional Traders Footprints. However it requires understanding these indicators, how they work and what patterns indicate which market participant group is in control of price.

Changes to trading venues, new professional order types, and routing systems have altered how Balance of Power MUST be interpreted. Behind every pattern is the key to unlocking WHO controls price. When you know whether it is a Dark Pool Buy Zone, that tells you how price will behave in the near term. When pro traders are showing up in BOP, then price will move differently. Each market group has their own unique BOP Pattern.


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