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TC2000 Learning Center

Welcome to the TC2000 Learning Center!


Welcome to the TC2000 Learning Center! You’ve probably read some of Martha Stokes CMT’s fantastic articles for TC2000 users OR you have had the amazing experience of having Martha teach at one of Worden’s live Seminars. Now you can experience her exceptional education for tc2000 by watching the videos below.

These training webinars are designed specifically for you and will help you get more out of your TC2000 charting software. The webinars are designed to give you more in depth training that you can use right away.

TechniTrader is the #1 Educational company for TC2000 Charting Software. Discover why Martha is so popular with TC2000 Users. Start now by watching the webinar of your choice. Be sure and take notes as these training webinars are packed with information.

Time Segmented Volume Indicator Webinar

time segmented volume stock indicator webinar video by technitrader This webinar is for all TC2000 users who want to learn all the new patterns that form on TSV due to the Dark Pools Pro Traders, and HFT action… Read More

This powerful volume oscillator leads price most of the time providing earlier entries and exits for higher profits.

You will learn:

  1. Set up TSV for your trading style, swing, day, position.
  2. Subordinate indicators to enhance signals for TSV.
  3. How to use TSV with Primary indicators for combination indicator analysis.
  4. What TSV patterns signal a bottom has started even before price.
  5. Accumulation, Rotation, and Distribution Patterns for earlier entries.
  6. Why TSV is able to detect large lots versus small lot activity.
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This is a Training Webinar so be sure and take plenty of notes during the webinar. If you have any questions you may call 888-846-5577 or email

BOP Worden Indicator Webinar

Have you looked at BOP and wondered how to figure out what it is really telling you? Balance of Power is one of the most powerful & intuitive indicators Read More

ever written yet most TC2000 users do not know how to read it properly, how to interpret its signals and patterns, or how to take advantage of its leading qualities.

You will learn:

  1. What BOP patterns represent Dark Pool Buy Zones.
  2. The Shift of Sentiment BOP pattern that indicates a bottoming formation has started.
  3. How to use BOP to get into a stock ahead of a huge gap or run up.
  4. How VWAP and TWAP orders alter patterns on BOP.
  5. HFT BOP patterns and what they mean for near term price action.
  6. How to use BOP with Volume to enhance the leading qualities of both indicators.
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This is a Training Webinar so be sure and take plenty of notes during the webinar. If you have any questions you may call 888-846-5577 or email

Professional Style TC2000 Scans

how to create scans screeners find stocks to trade video by technitraderIf you like to find stocks quickly and easily, then this webinar is for you. This training webinar teaches you the intricacies of exceptional scans for TC2000… Read More

Martha Stokes CMT has developed hundreds of scans including her Market Condition Analysis Scans that are featured in our Methodology Courses. Discover a whole new way of creating scans for fast reliable stocks to trade for your trading style.

You will learn:

  1. How to design a scan that works for your trading style.
  2. When and what criteria is ideal and how many criteria to use for optimal results.
  3. Use the special features of TC2000 scans including indicators for scans.
  4. The limitations of scans that can be improved upon with sorts and other methods.
  5. How to tweak and improve your scan over time.

If you have any questions afterward you may call us with your questions at 888-846-5577 OR email Please be sure to refer to this webinar specifically with your questions.

Trade Management Planner

The Trade Management Planner is a new Trading Tool created by TechniTrader. This trade planning tool takes the guess work out of what to trade, Read More

when to trade, where to trade, and much more. Now you will know precisely what you need to do to meet your goals.

You will learn:

  1. How many Trades you need to do in a week or month to meet your goals.
  2. What Share Lot Size you need to use.
  3. How many stocks you need to trade per week or month.
  4. Your risk tolerance for each trade.
  5. The price range you will use to select stocks to trade.

Managing your trades is a critical element of trading success that few traders understand. It takes more than just finding stocks to trade.

If you have any questions afterward you may call us with your questions at 888-846-5577 OR email

Hidden Profits with Your Trading Tools Webinar

Watch this TechniTrader Webinar to help use your TC2000 Trading Tools optimally for higher trading profits. TC2000 Users’ Webinar training, presented by TechniTrader, provides education on how to trade stocks using TC2000 charting software as an analytical, risk analysis, and stock pick selection tool. In this webinar, Martha Stokes CMT explains the most common mistakes TC2000 users make when setting up their tools in TC2000, which can cause losses in profits.

You will learn:

How to properly setup TC2000 for optimal stock pick selection with easier and faster stock analysis and risk analysis.

TC2000 trading tools have undergone many changes lately. There are so many options to choose from, how do you know which settings to use to help you improve your trading results? How do you know which features are just gimmicky and which are important additions to your trading process? Remember that the point of trading stocks is to make money, not to show off your intricate trading screens. Read More

Please take notes and follow along with the instructor as the webinar is presented. If you have any questions afterward you may call us at 888-846-5577 OR email


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