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TC2000 Users Blog

  • What Are 5 Sell Short Tips During a Market Correction?

    There have been many changes to the technical patterns of the downside in recent years. Knowing what to study in technical patterns to improve profits is necessary in order to successfully Sell Short stocks during a Market Correction.

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  • Why Use Contrarian Patterns for Stock Top Warning?

    Often for Beginners, the market reversing and heading down into a correction is a complete surprise or shock. They are not expecting the turn, nor are they prepared for it. Fortunately for Retail Traders, there are plenty of indicators that can warn of a top before it actually occurs. These can be Contrarian Patterns. A Contrarian Pattern is simply something that is moving in opposition to price.

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  • How to Find the Giant Buy Side Institutions?

    The giant Buy Side Institutions control vast amounts of money on behalf of their fundholders. They are the giant Mutual Funds and Pension Funds, in the US and around the world. Most of the time, Individual Investors and Retail Traders do not know how to find the giant Buy Side Institutions because they do not recognize stock trading Platform Candlestick Patterns or Bottoming Candlestick Patterns that indicate their Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation of stock.

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