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TC2000 Users Blog

  • Balance of Power Stock Indicator Momentum Action

    How to Find Stocks Poised for Momentum Runs Using Balance of Power. Balance of Power is an extremely rare and unique indicator. Its origins come from the professional side of the market. It is designed to separate out larger-lot activity from smaller-lot activity.

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  • Common Candlestick Chart Gaps

    Many Retail Traders really enjoy trading gaps because of the higher point gains that come quickly. But in order to reap the gains from a gap you must be in the stock PRIOR to the gap. Chasing a gapping stock or trying to buy a stock that has gapped and is running, is a much higher risk. The reason is because often the giant institutions have already bought the stock weeks ago aware of the news that was coming, and are planning on selling as the news reaches you, the Retail Trader.

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  • Balance Of Power Hybrid Stock Indicator

    One of the critical factors that separates highly successful traders from those who struggle with mediocre returns is the awareness of how new trading venues, new order processing, and new algorithms have forever changed how stocks must be analyzed to maximize profit potential in all trades. Today analyzing stocks using the Balance Of Power hybrid stock indicator reveals Dark Pools in the automated markets.

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