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TC2000 Users Blog

  • Why Use Stock Volume to Reveal Weak Candlestick Patterns?

    Many traders still rely solely upon Price and Price Indicators, which leaves them highly vulnerable to whipsaw trades. Stock Volume reveals weak candlestick patterns, and so it is critical in the automated markets today to use it. This is because giant Buyside Institutional Investors using Dark Pool Alternative Trading Systems place 80% of all orders in the Stock Market, which are processed automatically via a computer program set to fill large orders over time without moving price.

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  • How to Decode a Candlestick Chart with Doji?

    When Candlestick Charts were first introduced to the western markets, everyone using Stock Charts and Technical Analysis relied on indicators more than Bar Charts, which were the most popular charts back then. Bar Charts are much harder to read, give less visual data, and take longer to interpret. Candlestick Charts were instantly popular because they made reading price fast and simple.

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  • What Are 5 Sell Short Tips During a Market Correction?

    There have been many changes to the technical patterns of the downside in recent years. Knowing what to study in technical patterns to improve profits is necessary in order to successfully Sell Short stocks during a Market Correction.

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