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TC2000 Users Blog

  • How to Find Swing Trading Style Runs?

    When the Stock Market moves with plenty of momentum and velocity activity, it provides opportunities for Swing Traders to hold a trade through a 1–10 day run up and then exit before the stock encounters profit taking.

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  • How to Choose Stock Indicators?

    Stock indicators are one of the most useful tools for Individual Investors and Retail Traders. However, choosing the right indicators for your Trading Style and Strategies can be a daunting task. There are over 250 indicators available in the Stock Market today for stock, index, market, and options analysis, so I am providing helpful 7 tips how to choose stock indicators.

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  • Day Trading vs. Position Trading Stocks Comparison?

    Day Trading is the most widely talked about Trading Style for Retail Traders. However, it is the least profitable of all the short-term Trading Styles. This is a little known fact that no one ever tells Retail Traders when they start to learn to trade, because so many vendors make so much money from Retail Day Traders. Position Style Trading is the least used, yet most profitable Trading Style for more Market Conditions than other styles.

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