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TC2000 Users Blog

  • 7 Tips How to Choose Stock Indicators

    Stock indicators are one of the most useful tools for Individual Investors and Retail Traders. However choosing the right indicators for your Trading Style and Strategies can be a daunting task. There are over 250 indicators available for stock, index, market, and options analysis so I am providing helpful 7 tips how to choose stock indicators.

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  • Trading Small Cap Stocks

    Many Retail Technical Traders are still unaware of a gold mine of trading opportunities that can yield higher profits due to wider spreads. The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC started a test pilot program for small cap stocks a couple of years ago to widen the spread to a minimum of 5 cents. The goal was to provide more liquidity from Professional Traders who require a wider spread to reach their point gain profit goals.

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  • Balance of Power Stock Indicator Momentum Action

    Balance of Power is an extremely rare and unique indicator. Its origins come from the professional side of the market. It is designed to separate out larger lot activity from smaller lot activity. This kind of volume aka quantity analysis on the tick by tick scale, is not available on the retail side in any of the popular indicators most Retail Traders learn to use.

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