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TC2000 Users Blog

  • Support and Resistance Stock Analysis

    During a Downtrend traders need to be able to determine if a big white candlestick is a true reversal back to an Uptrending Pattern, or if it is just a momentary rebound action caused by Buy on the Dip Investors and Buy to Cover Traders.

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  • Day Trading vs. Position Trading Stocks

    Although “Day Trading” is the most widely talked about trading style for Retail Traders which is the Market Participant Group who has learned how to trade and invest from home, it is the least profitable of all the short-term Trading Styles. This is a little known fact that no one ever tells Retail Traders when they start to learn to trade.

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  • Trading Small Cap Stocks

    Many Retail Technical Traders are still unaware of a gold mine of trading opportunities that can yield higher profits due to wider spreads. The Securities and Exchange Commission SEC started a test pilot program for small cap stocks a couple of years ago to widen the spread to a minimum of 5 cents. The goal was to provide more liquidity from Professional Traders who require a wider spread to reach their point gain profit goals.

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