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TC2000 Users Blog

  • Springboard Candlestick Patterns

    A Velocity Market Condition is one of the shortest of the 6 Primary Market Conditions. The reason that a Velocity Condition is so brief is because of how fast price moves, how quickly the Angle of Ascent™ goes vertical, and the speed at which volume and energy evaporate.

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  • Fast & Easy Reading of Charts with Doji Candlesticks

    When Candlestick Charts were first introduced to the western markets, everyone using Stock Charts and Technical Analysis relied on indicators more than Bar Charts, which were the most popular charts back then. Bar Charts are much harder to read, give less visual data, and take longer to interpret. Candlestick Charts were instantly popular because they made reading price fast and simple.

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  • Bollinger Bands® Improved

    Many traders do not know that there are several variations of Bollinger Bands® designed by John Bollinger. One of those is %B, which is a line indicator that can be used with Worden’s Time Segmented Volume to create a Hybrid-Leading Indicator for Swing Trading, Day Trading, Momentum Trading, or any short-term trading style, even Options Trading.

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