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TC2000 Users Blog

  • Time Segmented Volume a Bottoming Stock Formation Indicator?

    One of the tougher technical patterns to determine is when stocks are going to stop trending down and begin Bottoming Stock Formations. This is especially important for Swing Traders as most bottoms have periods of momentum action as energy builds up, due to larger lot buying. The larger lot buying is a form of liquidity taking, which triggers High Frequency Trading action and big velocity runs.

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  • What Are the 5 Key Aspects of Technical Analysis?

    Technical Analysis is the study and interpretation of price, time, and volume for stocks and indexes. Due to the massive changes to the Stock Market Structure since the Banking Debacle and Subprime Mortgage disaster, Technical Analysis has been evolving and changing. There are many aspects of Technical Analysis including Candlestick Patterns, Support and Resistance, Trendline Patterns, Angle of Ascent™ and Angle of Descent™ as well as Overall Trend, Uptrend, Downtrend, Sideways Trending, Institutional activity, High Frequency Trader activity, Small Funds and Retail activity, Entry and Exit Signals, and Indicators.

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  • How to Swing Trade Momentum Runs Out of Bottoms?

    You can learn to identify setups for swing trade momentum runs by focusing on price trends and indicators that reveal Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation. TC2000 Users have a huge advantage over other Retail Traders. They have access to custom indicators designed specifically to track and reveal Dark Pool Quiet Accumulation and Professional Trader activity which results in sudden momentum runs created by High Frequency Trading.

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