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TC2000 Webinars & Seminars

Martha Stokes CMT, CEO of TechniTrader, has been featured in many TC2000 Webinars & Seminars over the years.

She is one of the most sought-after live presenters not only because she is an expert market technician and educator but because her teaching style is unforgettable. Prepare to learn more in 1 hour than you thought you could handle!

Martha and Michael Thompson at the Toronto Money Show. Martha’s seminar was so popular the entire Money Show floor was emptied and even other vendors attended her trade show seminar.


Martha Stokes with TC2000 at Toronto Money Show Seminar


Enjoy a sample of TechniTrader training for TC2000 users:

Sign up or log in to watch this webinar on Relational Analysis & Trade Management in which Martha uses TC2000 Charting to teach viewers about the current market structure and how to read stock charts in a way that reveals the activity of the largest institutions.

Click here to watch now.

We have a sizable Library of recorded Webinars and Seminars. After you have an account on our website, you may request one full-length webinar. Choose from:


martha stokes with student at tc2000 seminar in seattle

Martha talking with a student at a live Worden TC2000 Seminar in Seattle.

    1. Balance of Power Indicator
    2. Time Segmented Volume with Subordinate indicators
    3. TC2000 Indicator Patterns
    4. Trading the Profit Zone
    5. Fast Track Signals
    6. Momentum Power Trading
    7. Dark Pool Buy Zone
    8. How to Exploit the HFTs
    9. How to See the Inside Trading Action
    10. Hybrid Leading Indicators and How to Use them
    11. Bollinger Bands with TC2000 Indicators
    12. Speed Dial your Stock Picks
    13. Creating Scans in TC2000
    14. Deciphering Advanced Indicators

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