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The 2019 TechniTrader Sector and Industry Report

The 2019 TechniTrader Sector and Industry Report

The 2019 Sector and Industry Report

The 2021 Report is set to be released in Q1 2021! Ask your curriculum advisor about it!

The Annual Sector and Industry Report for 2019 is the premier TechniTrader Report for Traders and Investors. This is YOUR resource for investing or trading in 2019 and beyond.

This report is an extensive technical, fundamental, and cycle analysis of every sector and every industry in the US Financial Markets. At 205 pages, this year’s report has a value of $1,495.

Martha Stokes CMT was 97% accurate in forecasting the performance of each sector and industry last year. This is a must-have for both long-term and short-term traders to understand where growth and contraction will occur in the stock market.

What makes this Sector and Industry Report so valuable to investors and traders is that it takes the massive quantity of information on the internet and consolidates, and unifies the data into a concise, easy to understand, use, and employ analysis of all 4 primary analyses necessary for an extremely accurate interpretation and expectation for the trading and investing year of 2019.

2019 Sector and Industry Report covers:

  • The Three Super Sectors: Defensive, Sensitive, and Cyclical.
  • The Twelve Sectors: Basics Materials, Industrials, Technology, Consumer Cyclical, Financial Services, Real Estate, Consumer Defensive, Healthcare, Utilities, Communication Services, and Energy Sectors.
  • The 146 Industries based on the Financial Services Industry Standards.

Super Sector, Sector, & Industry is analyzed:

  • Technical Analysis of the Long-Term Trend.
  • Cycle Analysis on the Long Term for Peak and Trough evaluation.
  • Fundamental Analysis including projections for that industry or sector.
  • Relational Analysis between component stocks and other industries.

2019-industry-report-forecast - TechniTraderEach of the 146 Industries analysis provides:

  • Number of companies in that index as of January 2019.
  • Industry Cycle interpretations in relation to the Industry Cycle.
  • Important Fundamental, Economic, and industry-based challenges and opportunities for 2019.
  • New Displacement and or Disruptive Technology that is either being developed by that industry or is being adopting and integrated into the companies within that industry.
  • How new displacement technologies will disrupt the industry.
  • New IPO status, if any.
  • Evaluation of key components when major impact is present.
  • Interpretation and evaluation of the Industry projections and forecasts in relation to the industry cycle and component cycles.
  • Expectations for 2019 for that Industry.
  • Evaluation of the Industry versus component stock chart trends.

Martha Stokes CMT is a master at condensing massive quantities of data into a simple format that serves as a quick reference and analysis, summarizing what each industry is poised to do in terms of growth, trend, individual stock performance, and economic implications.

She has a stellar rate of accurately determining how industries’ trends will perform for each year. Last year, she accurately stated the trend of the 3 Super Sectors, 12 Sectors, and 143 of the 146 industries she studied, researched, and analyzed.

Her unique approach to how to use extensive data from all areas of the economy, fundamentals of the companies, growth and future technologies for the industries, sets her apart from all other Research Reports of this kind.

The Sector and Industry Report by TechniTrader is a MUST-HAVE report that will enable investors and traders to streamline their industry analysis down to just a few strong industries poised for excellent growth in 2019. This report is a trader or investor’s single-source research document.

Most Industry reports start at $2,000–$10,000 PER Industry. TechniTrader’s Annual Sector and Industry Report takes all the information you need and puts it in a single report, at a bargain price.

TechniTrader’s Annual Sector & Industry Report is available EXCLUSIVELY to full-time TechniTrader Students. Find out how you can become a TechniTrader student today.

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