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The Trade Management Planner by TechniTrader

The Trade Management Planner by TechniTrader

trade management planner process of trading stocks and options technitrader webinar

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Watch: Trade Management Planner Webinar

The Trade Management Planner is a new Trading Tool created by TechniTrader. This trade planning tool takes the guess work out of what to trade, when to trade, where to trade, and much more.

Now you will know precisely what you need to do to meet your goals. Instead of hoping for a minimal return per day, you can quickly develop a plan that gives you more trading profits with less effort.

In this Webinar you will learn:

  1. How many Trades you need to do in a week or month to meet your goals.
  2. What Share Lot Size you need to use.
  3. How many stocks you need to trade per week or month.
  4. Your risk tolerance for each trade.
  5. The price range you will use to select stocks to trade.

Who will benefit from this training webinar:

  1. Traders who are just starting to learn to trade.
  2. Beginner Traders who are live in the market.
  3. Day Traders.
  4. Swing & Momentum Traders.
  5. Position Traders.
  6. Long Term Investors.

Managing your trades is a critical element of trading success that few traders understand. It takes more than just finding stocks to trade. The Trade Management Planner takes the guess work, hard work, and stress out of trading stocks. The TMP will give you a set of parameters to trade that streamlines your process and simplifies your daily workload.


Start learning today. Watch the TMP webinar now.

The Trade Management Planner took three years of extensive testing and development. There is no other tool that gives traders more control over their trading, setting realistic goals in precise numbers that show you exactly what you need to do to reach your projected ROI.


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