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Stock Market Courses by TechniTrader







Stock Market Courses by TechniTrader


TechniTrader is a Stock Market Educational Company

Our stock market courses are for Independent Investors and Retail Traders, and teach How to Invest for Consistent Success™ in a variety of formats. We also offer a Relational Analysis™ course for Professionals.

How to trade the stock market. Start with the best Stock Market Courses and TechniTrader.

It IS possible to achieve consistency with investing and trading. With carefully constructed actual education on how the stock market works today, along with a process for choosing the right stocks, and personal determination to learn we know it is possible for you to reach your personal goals.

Over 170,000 people, from beginners to experienced traders in 80 countries, have learned about the Stock Market from TechniTrader Videos, eBooks, DVD Home Study Courses, Online Courses, Lab Classes, Webinars, and Articles.

Spend time on our website…you’ll be glad you did!

The best way to determine if our stock market courses can be of personal assistance, is to experience a variety of training formats with our unique approach to Stock Market Education. So below see directions for a place to start. If you have any questions at any time, during your adventure exploring our educational materials on this website click on Chat, give us a Call, or send us an Email.


START HERE: Look through this introductory front page. Then click on the Gold Button in the website banner which applies to you. It will go to an informational page pertaining to the button chosen. Look to the right on any page for further education and Sign Up, to watch a Video or download an eBook to experience what and how we teach in the format of your choice.

After initial Sign Up, you can then Log In and enjoy unlimited access to all website Video Lessons, eBooks, and the featured Webinar presented on this front page. Enjoy the adventure of exploring and discovering excellent tips, advice, and lessons not available anywhere else and all at no cost.


So if you should decide our unique approach to Stock Market Education is not for you, leave this website with some new ideas from tips, advice, and lessons that can assist in personal investing or trading.

We know our education is not right for everyone. It is strictly for those unique individuals who believe they can succeed, if they find the right education and support.

We Teach How to Invest in Stocks

Most people learn strategies or systems when they begin Investing or Trading, however Investing or Trading is a SKILL. What they are missing and why so few are consistently successful, is that they have not learned Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™ and Relational Analysis™ skills. The education for learning these skills is only found within our customized stock market courses.

Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills™

Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills SPRS is a proprietary skill development methodology in our customized stock market courses, and taught exclusively at TechniTrader.


Study of Stock Trends

Expert investors and traders have honed their skills just like any professional in any field. This requires the following three phases of training for beginners to experienced investors:

  1. Acquiring current Market Structure and Trading Knowledge.
  2. Learning how to use new Modern Tools and Resources for reliable accuracy in Stock Charts Analysis.
  3. Practicing skills learned in a safe, non-risk environment with a Mentor as a guide and available to answer any question.


All TechniTrader courses come with


“Once a student, always a student.”

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Featured Webinar

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Learn something new about trading in the Stock Market or Options Market in this featured webinar from our archives.
A different webinar video is offered at no cost periodically on this front page, to provide an example of TechniTrader training for new visitors to our website.


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Relational Analysis™ 

Relational Analysis for Trading Stocks

Most Retail Traders who have been trading stocks for a while have learned about Candlestick Stock Charts, Technical Analysis, MACD and other indicators.

They have also learned a few popular strategies such as “Buy-on-the-Dip” or Earnings Strategies. Their training tends to be cobbled together theories and strategies, most of which are outdated or no longer functioning optimally in the current automated market. Our stock market courses exclusively, contain training in Relational Analysis.

Relational Analysis™ is the advanced comprehensive analysis that most Retail Traders are missing, and upon which TechniTrader courses are based. Stock Market Courses and Option Trading Courses

Stock Market Training

Learn about the stock market

Consistently successful investing requires analysis of the current Market Condition, and an understanding of how the internal Market Structure works, as well as why it functions the way it does. There are 6 primary Market Conditions in the modern automated market, and 9 Market Participant Groups.

The Market Condition Analysis™ methodology is taught only in TechniTrader customized stock market courses. It reveals which of the Market Participant Groups is dominant at any time within the current Market Condition present. Understanding the internal Market Structure provides the road map to enjoyable and profitable trading.


The Gold Standard in Stock Market Education™

Stock Market - Learn About the Current Stock Market

Stock Market information is everywhere on the internet however most is outdated, obsolete, or inaccurate. The financial markets have changed more in the past decade, than in the prior 100 years.

The preponderance of information available to Independent Investors and Retail Traders is 40-80 years old. It is completely out of date with the modern automated marketplace which is dominated by Dark Pools, High Frequency Trading, and Professional Traders.


Our customized Stock Market Courses and Training Materials are constantly updated, to keep TechniTrader Stock Market Education pertinent and current.

What Makes TechniTrader Education Unique

  • Our customized stock market courses are modular, to tailor the training to each individual
  • We teach a complete Process that focuses on developing Trading Skills with Proper Tools
  • We teach Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills, Relational Analysis, and Professional Tools
  • Our Instructors are Financial Services Professionals with educational backgrounds
  • There are NO commissioned sales Staff


TechniTrader Education - Martha Stokes & Howard Johnson at NYSEMartha Stokes CMT is a unique and rare stock market professional, with credentials to provide education for Independent Investors and Retail Traders. Investors and Traders can learn how to invest and trade stocks under her guidance with the flagship of our customized stock market courses, titled the Methodology Essentials Course. ME10 Course Trading Options education is also available without Greeks or complicated chains.

Howard Johnson and Martha Stokes CMT are the Co-Founders and Instructors at TechniTrader. They are Professionals who have dedicated their retirement years to helping individuals, learn how the Professionals invest and trade in the Stock Market.

TechniTrader is a neutral Financial Services Educational Company. This means that any Broker or Charting Software of your choice can be used with the TechniTrader Proprietary Investing and Trading Process.

Best Stock Market Courses and Options Courses

Courses on investing in stocks and options


Check out our Most Popular Courses to learn the best Trading Style for you.



We teach a variety of Trading and Investing Styles in our customized Stock Market Courses as listed below:


Long Term Investing is holding a stock for more than 1 year.

Position Trading is holding a stock for a few weeks to a few months.

  • This is an ideal Trading Style for Beginners, and for learning how to trade Options.

Swing Trading is holding a stock for one “swing” aka “run.”

  • A swing can last anywhere from 2 to 10 days on average.

Momentum and Velocity Trading is holding a stock only while momentum or velocity energy increases.

  • The hold time can be anywhere from 1 to 5 days.

Professional Intraday Trading is holding a stock for a few minutes to hours.

  • We feature End of Day EOD to First Of Day FOD training for front running ahead of High Frequency Trading HFT velocity runs. This is how most Professional Day Traders currently trade.

 Note: Trading is often confused with “Day Trading” by beginning investors and traders. “Trading” is a universal term used in the stock market that merely means someone is buying or selling stocks. It has nothing to do with how long the stock will be held, which is a few minutes to one day in the case of most Day Trading.


All training is customized to fit personal educational needs

The Definitive Guide to Market Corrections

“A Course for Short Selling Stocks & Navigating Bear Markets”

Balance of Power Indicator Analysis Webinar

How to Trade Dark Pool Buy Zones


Candlestick Patterns Webinar

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