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Beginners Stock Market Trading Introduction

How to Improve Your Trading for Experienced Traders

How to Invest in the Stock Market for New Investors

An introduction to a simpler way of trading options

Technical Analysis Training for Professionals


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Stock Market - Learn About the Current Stock Market

Stock Market information is everywhere on the internet, however, most is outdated, obsolete, or inaccurate. The financial markets have changed more in the past decade than in the prior 100 years.

The preponderance of information available to Independent Investors and Retail Traders is 40-80 years old. It is completely out of date with the modern automated marketplace which is dominated by Dark Pools, High Frequency Trading, and Professional Traders.


Our customized Stock Market Courses and Training Materials are constantly updated to keep TechniTrader Stock Market Education pertinent and current.

What Makes TechniTrader Education Unique

  • It is rare to have a company with two co-founders both with educational backgrounds and expertise in different areas of the market.
  • Our customized stock market courses are modular, to tailor the training to each individual which means you only buy what you need, instead of a canned program.
  • We teach a complete Process that focuses on developing Trading Skills with Proper Tools. This is not a week of show and tell, this is a 3 semester course that covers everything you need to know to trade stocks.
  • We teach Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills, Relational Analysis, and Risk Analysis. A Key element in success if learning how not to lose money trading stocks.
  • Market Structure: the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the market. Learning to enter an order is easy, learning how to actually trade is what most people never learn.
  • WE have  NO commissioned sales Staff. Instead we use Curriculum Advisers just like a college.
  • All courses are semester based but allow you to take the course at your own pace, at home, when you want to learn.
  • Our Support doesn’t stop once you complete a course. Students can ask any question relating to the course they purchased any time and receive a written, detailed  answer.

Howard Johnson and Martha Stokes CMT are the Co-Founders and Instructors at TechniTrader. They are professionals who have dedicated their retirement years to helping individuals, learn ho wto trade for consistent success.

TechniTrader Education - Martha Stokes & Howard Johnson at NYSEMartha Stokes CMT is a unique and rare stock market professional, with credentials to provide education for Independent Investors and Retail Traders. Investors and Traders can learn how to invest and trade stocks under her guidance with the flagship of our customized stock market courses, titled the Methodology Essentials Courses, aka ME10 .
Education for Trading Options  is also available without Greeks or complicated chains.

TechniTrader is a neutral Financial Services Educational Company. This means that any Broker or Charting Software of your choice can be used with the TechniTrader Proprietary Investing and Trading Process.


I know I keep giving you Praise for the Lessons you put out there and that’s because I appreciate your style of teaching. It’s really working for me in a big way. I understand soooooo much more now. I’m excited about the homework assignments.Trading is very exciting, It’s so wide and deep in content. There is so much that is intertwined and connected when I get to new levels of understanding.

The light keeps getting turned on in my head and I’ve just begun. 

Your work is very much appreciated. Thank You so much. 

You too, Mele



All training is customized to fit personal educational needs

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