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Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Bands Explained - Video Training Learning CenterWant more from your Bollinger Bands analysis? Learn new ways to use Bollinger Bands for finding the best stocks to trade.

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How to Trade

Beginniners Training - Learning CenterStruggling to make sense of what you have learned? This webinar will show you how to make it all come together.

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How to Improve Your Trading

How to Improve Your Trading - Learning CenterExperienced or advanced traders take your trading to the next level. Here are a few tips that most traders don’t know that will change how you trade.

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Leading Hybrid Indicators

Stock Indicators Video - Essential Leading Hybrid Indicator TrainingMake indicator analysis easy and simple. Get more from your indicator analysis for better stock picks. 

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Learn How to Use MACD

MACD Training - TechniTrader Video3 simple tips to improve your results using MACD. How to interpret MACD for easier stock pick selection.

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Candlestick Patterns Webinar

candlestick-patterns-webinar-video-technitraderWant to buy a stock BEFORE huge gaps and runs? This webinar will show you how.

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Trading Options

Options Trading TrainingOptions trading made easy. Learn how to trade options without all the hassle. You will be amazed at how simple trading options can be.

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TechniTrader’s Relational Analysis

Relational Analysis Trading Education for Professionals

Take Technical Analysis to a whole new level. Learn  methods professional traders use.

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How to Invest in Stocks

New Investors Education - How to Invest in the Stock MarketJust starting out? Here are some basics that will surprise you. There are many things you won’t hear about elsewhere on the internet.

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Candlesticks Charts

Western Candlestick Charts - Trading Video LessonWant to learn to read candlestick charts quickly and easily? We make candlesticks fun and profitable.

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  • stock chart example of different candlestick patterns - TechniTrader

    How to Identify Candle Pattern Bounces, Rebounds, or Reversals

    During a Downtrend price does not just go down, instead it often has brief periods where it moves up. Determining whether it is just a Bounce, Rebound, or if it is a true Reversal requires Spatial Pattern Recognition Skills to…

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  • stock chart example topping price action - technitrader

    Topping Stock Price Action

    One of the more challenging aspects of being a Technical or Retail Trader in today’s automated market is that the candlestick patterns of Technical Analysis are changing. In particular Topping Stock Price Action is often the most problematic as Traders…

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  • Trade Using Sector Analysis - TechniTrader

    Finding Stocks to Trade Using Sector Analysis

    The Financial Markets use different Sector and Industry formatting than Economists. The Dow Industrial Average was established based on the economy theory of its time when there were 30 major Industries in the US, while today Economists use 31 or…

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  • Chart example Chaikin Oscillator - TechniTrader

    How to Use and Interpret a Center Line Oscillator

    Most Technical and Retail Traders are familiar with high and low range oscillators or what is often called an Overbought or Oversold Oscillator. However few really understand or use a Center Line Oscillator which is extremely useful during volatile market…

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  • Chart Example Sideways Candlestick Pattern - TechniTrader

    Interpreting Sideways Patterns

    Most traders do well during Uptrending markets when there is either Moderately Trending action, momentum runs, or velocity runs. However the preponderance of Traders struggle during Sideways Trends. This is true whether the Trader is trading Stocks, ETFS, E-minis, or…

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Popular Archived Webinars

We have a many archived webinars on a variety of trading topics from how to trade to what indicators to use. These are full length training sessions taught by Martha Stokes CMT and Howard Johnson, co-founders of TechniTrader.

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“Velocity Swing Trading with HFT Momentum”

“Option Analysis Meets Stock Analysis”

“Relational Analysis”

“5 Candlestick Patterns Traders Miss”

“Balance of Power Indicator Analysis”

“How to Sell Short in a Bull Market Correction”

“Fast Track Options Trading”

“Trading the Profit Zone”

“How to Ride the Momentum Out of a Bottom”

“Bollinger Bands: Beyond the Boundaries”