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Stock Market Trading Courses

Stock Market Courses

We offer many different Trading Courses in a variety of formats. Our most popular courses are our Stock Market DVD Specialty Courses on this page. We also offer Stock Trading Online Courses, Lab Courses, and Virtual Courses. We have the largest selection of courses available with over 40 stock and options courses. Call us if you can’t find the specific course you need.

Student Review: “I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and assistance since I became a TechniTrader student. The TechniTrader Staff has always gone the “extra mile” whenever I had a question, needed answers or required additional information. The TechniTrader Staff has developed credibilty with me and I would highly recommend your courses.” …Dave S.

Beginners Stock Market Course

Want to Learn How to Trade Stocks?

The Walk Around the Market Course is our introductory course for beginning traders and new investors. Whether you want to learn how to invest for long term or learn how to trade short term, the Walk Around the Market is created just for you.

You will learn things in this course that you have never heard before.

“I simply don’t know what to say. This is so much more than I ever even hoped of. Thank you.”…Neil I.

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The Methodology Essentials Standard Course

For Novice to Experienced Traders.

The Methodology Essentials Standard Course is a comprehensive in-depth, 2-semester course that provides a complete process for trading stocks and options.  This is our most popular course.

Even experienced traders are astounded at what they learn in this course that they have never learned before.

“Tell Martha for me. Thanks for helping me change my life forever. She’ll never know what Her Training has really done for me.” …Terry S.

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The Methodology Essentials Premier Course

For Experienced to Career Traders.

Now that you realize you have giant holes in your education, this course will not only give you the skill development training, expert tools, and guidance as you develop your own unique trading process, it also provides the knowledge about the modern automated Market Structure, how to find Dark Pool accumulation, rotation, and distribution.

Your guidance and support team will help you customize your trading parameters into a concise plan for high monthly income.

“I am so grateful I found you. I can’t thank Martha, enough. The course was critically prepared, The language was well used and the presentation was second to none.

Now we have take your instructions and learn to fish for ourselves and success will be ours. What I love about this is that, it is priceless, a gift to our entire family, an education to an entire generation.

I keep asking my self, why it took me so long before locating Martha and her entire team, after years of searching”…Josh A.

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The Methodology Course Specialty Editions*:

(*All specialty editions include Methodology Essentials Premier Course)