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What is TechniTrader?

TechniTrader educates investors and traders.
We offer a variety of training formats for all trading styles and disciplines.

What sets our stock market education apart from other training: Our credentials, expertise and teaching methodology.

Our Support Staff is dedicated to helping each student as an individual.

TechniTrader was co-founded by Martha Stokes CMT and Howard Johnson in 1998.

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Get Started on Your Trading or Investing Education:

If you are an absolute beginner, start with our Absolute Beginners Lessons.

If you have some experience or need more training, check out our Learning Center.

If you are interested in taking a course, visit our Training Page.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Email and we will send you a link to training that fits your request.

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When You Join the TechniTrader Community of Traders:

You will receive the “Lesson of the Week”, featuring weekly training lessons and links to free videos, webinars, and featured blog articles on our website.

You will also be invited to upcoming Live Training Webinars featuring Martha Stokes CMT. Visit Events for more information.

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When you are ready to become a TechniTrader Student, contact us to speak with one of our Curriculum Advisors.

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