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Stock Market Courses by TechniTrader

Join the TechniTrader Community of Financially Successful Technical Traders.

Over the past 20 years, 200,000 have studied our “How to Invest for Consistent Success” DVD Course. Now you can learn online right now, with our 12 Basic Lessons. Each lesson teaches you about a critical part of learning to trade. The basic lessons are for beginners, but many experienced traders enjoy the training.

CREDENTIALS MATTER. Here is a rare opportunity to learn from a Chartered Market Technician (CMT); the highest designation for technical analysis in the financial markets.

Make sure your stock trading education is from a credentialed professional with an educational background. Most retail trading training companies are actually just a retail trader who has not been successful and tries to teach others their “strategy”.

What Sets TechniTrader Apart from All Other Training Programs:

Customized Training by TechniTraderCustomized Training. TechniTrader’s educational environment concentrates on individual student needs. Each Methodology Essentials Courses is customized and built for each individual student. We tailor your education to your goals.

Instead of a canned “one size fits all” approach you receive the training, skill development, and mentoring you need and want. Our courses are continually updated with the most current information so that your education is always cutting edge training for today’s automated market. Read More

TechniTrader Exceptional SupportExceptional Support. Eliminate the confusion, frustration, and losses most retail traders face every day. Trading is more than a strategy. We teach a Unique Trading Process that takes you step by step on the path to consistent success. Our support is unequaled anywhere. We teach each student as an individual customizing the learning experience for you.

Our “New Student Support Package” comes with every course and includes Custom Tools, Online Continuing Education, Morning Market Reports, Student Mentoring Sessions, Personal Guidance. Read More

TechniTrader Support Customized Trading ToolsA Full Set of Trading Tools are included with any full TechniTrader Methodology Essentials Trading Courses Package.

Includes: Leading indicators, scans, sorts, indicator setups, watch-lists, chart layouts, pro worksheets Market Condition Analysis tools.

No stock market trading education is complete without the right tools to implement the training, along with guidance to help you get started on your path to consistent success. Read More

TechniTrader Affordable Quality EducationAn Affordable Quality Education. Our Students learn professional skills and analytical techniques. Successful Trading is built upon a comprehensive training program.

You earn an Ivy League education at a Community College price. Your course will pay for itself as you begin your trading career. Starting out with success means your capital grows faster. All of our courses were developed by credentialed instructors with an educational background. Our courses are constructed to expedite your learning curve so that you have the skills to trade as you complete the course. Read More

Stock Market Trading Courses by TechniTrader

TechniTrader is the most popular stock education company with students in 35 countries worldwide. Since 1998, TechniTrader has been offering the best stock courses for traders or investors. We have over 40 courses in a variety of formats to fit your needs and goals. We are your #1 source for Stock Market Courses and Education. TechniTrader has courses for new investors with no experience to advanced traders working on becoming professional traders.

If you want to test-drive how we teach, then visit our Learning Center and choose the video of your choice. If you want to find out more about our stock market courses, then visit our Stock Trading Course page, watch the Peek Inside Video, and then read and study the Course Outline. Each Stock Trading Course is designed for a specific trading style and level of experience. Read More

Every TechniTrader Stock Market Course comes with a complete student support package for that course which includes: Scans, charting software layouts and templates, personal answers to questions you may have, assistance in any area of the course study, and access to the Student Online Campus, which is packed with additional resources for our students only. We also have ongoing daily lessons called the Daily Market Educator, exclusively for students. Our support covers every aspect of help you will need to complete your course and be ready to trade. Visit our TechniTrader Reviews page for comments from people just like you who have taken our courses.

Be sure and sign up on our site if you haven’t already so that you can have access to our libraries of training. When you are ready, just give us a call and we will customize your training course specifically to your needs.

The Best Stock Trading Courses and tuition that makes sense.

Enrollment is based on the standard community college curriculum semester tuition. Help is a phone call away. Tell us what you want to learn and we will show you which courses will help you achieve your trading goals.