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30 Days of Stock Market Training Newsletters

Your Methodology Essentials Course includes 30 days of all TechniTrader’s continuing stock market training newsletters. This free trial of Martha’s daily market reports and trading lessons is provided at the start of Phase 2 of the course, timed to provide guidance for learning market condition analysis as you begin implementation of the Video training. This is an essential part of the training, necessary for starting to put your trading process into practice.

Free Trial Includes:

♦   Daily Market Educator

♦   Position Trader’s Weekly

♦   Long-Term Portfolio Discussion

♦   Morning Market Reports:

•   Market Condition Analysis Scan Report

•   Pre-Market Open Report

Successful Stock Market Trading - Beginner Course by TechniTrader

Daily Market Educator

For Active Traders: The Daily Market Educator (DME) gives insight into the day-to-day developments in the market, highlights commonly recurring trading patterns for the current market condition, and helps active traders confirm or adjust their approach to the trading conditions. See a sample here.

Student Feedback on the Daily Market Educator

Just a little note to say thanks for the lessons and the daily analysis for my subscription. On my paper trading account [since my TechniTrader training], I have been successful on 11 out of 14 trades. Although $48,899 realized on only paper, it gives me added confidence to take it live. I also want to thank Martha for her, early on, bringing up Regional Banks, I researched various ones. I did use my live account to purchase a Regional ETF and did well.

Thank You very much for all your hard work!

Steve G.

Hello Martha, I know I keep giving you Praise for the Lessons you put out there and that’s because I appreciate your style of teaching. It’s really working for me in a big way. I understand soooooo much more now. I’m excited about the homework assignments. The light keeps getting turned on in my head and I’ve just begun. 

Your work is very much appreciated. Thank You so much. You too, Mele.

Tony R.

Hello, I just want to say that every once and awhile Martha writes a report that just slaps me upside the head and wakes me up.!

Thank you very much Martha.

George K.

Position Trader’s Weekly

For Part-Time Traders: The Position Trader’s Weekly (PTW) is sent out once a week on Fridays and is designed for busy people who do not have time to trade every day but need to stay current with the market. See a sample here.

Student Feedback on the Position Trader’s Weekly

Mel, I appreciate very much your prompt reply and for the comprehensive review of ABMD. I learned and enjoyed it very much and so thankful for Martha, you and the entire staff for your dedication to educate us. Wish I had known about TechniTrader educational courses earlier and not wasted a lot of money taking other courses and seminars.

Thanks again. Have a wonderful summer.

Dory S.

Long-Term Portfolio Discussion

For Retirement Account Management and Long-Term Investors: The Long-Term Portfolio Discussion (LTPD) is a weekly training newsletter that covers all aspects of investing in the modern automated marketplace. New emerging technologies, new types of portfolio diversification, and new investment instruments are discussed each week to help the long-term investor stay ahead of the crowd. See a sample here.

Feedback from Students About the Long-Term Portfolio Discussion

Wow!! What a great recap of AAPL!!!! I do not know to what degree I would have appreciated this a year ago, but today, it makes so much sense!!

Gordon E.


Morning Market Reports

Martha Stokes CMT provides market updates in the morning before every trading day. Only new TechniTrader students and subscribers get access to this exclusive service. See a sample here.

Market Condition Analysis Scan Report: This report is sent out before the US Stock Market opens every day. The report includes the current Market Conditions, Trading Conditions, Bias, Energy, How to Trade, Important News, Events that could impact the market open, ALERTS when the market is at risk of a major gap or run down, and tips for trading that day. Charts are included with the report.

Pre-Market Open Report: The daily report provides information on how the market is likely to open, if there is a risk of a huge gap open up or down, how the overseas markets are trading, and how commodities, futures, currencies, and other financial markets are reacting to the US open. It also provides insights into pre-market trading activity where Dark Pools, HFTs, and retail brokers trade hours ahead of the US market open. A stock chart is analyzed and presented each day as further education about the first few minutes of the market open.

Student Feedback for the Morning Market Reports

Martha, Thank you for always telling us in the Morning Reports and DMEs about what’s really going on with the market and world. I know you are sincerely honest about things and I appreciate that. The whole news cycle is manipulated so bad. Thanks for your time and commitment to what you do. I trust you to help lead and teach us. Don’t ever think it’s not appreciated.

Thanks again.

Roger M.

Martha, Thank you for the teaching, and all comments that you provide every morning. The information is so valuable, and give us some confidence to understand all the nuance of the market. Thank you.

Thanh N.