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Professional References

Professional References

TechniTrader References in the Press

Here are just a few of the many glowing TechniTrader references in recent years.

“Martha Stokes a Chartered Market Technician and Howard Johnson, co-founders of TechniTrader came out of early retirement to create a company to help traders and investors learn to be consistently successful in the stock market. Since 1998 TechniTrader has been providing complete training programs for traders of any skill level, from beginner to expert. Rather than focus on teaching trading strategies, TechniTrader focuses on simplifying the process of finding stocks to trade for current market conditions. TechniTrader uses live sessions, home study DVD courses, and online support to help their students become better investors.”
Source: Equis

“For the beginner investor and trader Martha Stokes CMT and Howard Johnson use example and metaphor to make sense of the world of stocks. TechniTrader teaches how traders with low capitalization can adjust their trading to fit their capital base. TechniTrader seeks to provide would be traders and investors with a solid set of trading tools, concepts, and rules, as examples buying into strength when placing orders, using stop losses, and risk management. The Home Study Training Course now called the Methodology Essentials ME10 comes with DVDs, homework assignments, a large manual filled with charts and explanations, analysis worksheets, the risk/reward TechniTrader Calculator, 30 days of training and support with daily email lessons, and market analysis.”
Source: Stocks & Commodities

“Martha Stokes CMT has co-developed over 40 Stock and Option courses and classes. For professional Registered Investment Advisors and Managers, she teaches how to incorporate technical analysis and relational analysis as part of the overall quantitative portfolio development.”
Source: Technically Speaking, Market Technician Association

“A common misconception among fundamental investors is that technical analysis is used to predict or time the market. No one can predict the market, and timing the market is, at the least, a very challenging task. This has always been a wedge in the argument between fundamentalists and technical analysts.”

Source: Proactive Advisor Magazine


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