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Advanced Options Articles

Advanced Options Articles

The following articles are designed specifically for experienced retail options traders to semi-professional-level options traders.

Each article provides information normally unavailable on the retail side and are intended to augment the education options traders may already have.

The new options trader should start with the options articles written for new options traders. Click Here to read about options for new Traders.


The majority of retail options traders do not use Implied Volatility, Open Interest, The Greeks, Options Strategies, How to Exercise Options, or Options Risk Analysis correctly.

Retail Options Traders

This is due to the fact that most options education has been written by retail vendors-retail online option brokers, retail options trading systems developers, retail options strategy creators, retail charting software. These companies are not educational companies, but offer education as a means of backdoor selling to retail options traders their services and/or products. The problem with these options classes and courses is that the intent of the vendor is to have the retail options trader use their product or service; they are therefore slanted and biased to benefit the vendor over the retail options trader.

Other options courses are sold by retail options traders who have not been successful, but have created a strategy or idea they are selling. This is basically the blind leading the blind. No matter what training you decide is right for you, make sure that it has been written, developed, and taught by an accredited and certified professional rather than an individual that has only retail experience.

Advanced Options Articles for Experienced Options Traders

In the following advanced options articles, you will learn about aspects of options that you may not have been aware of regarding Options Indicators, Formulas, and Tools. These articles are complimentary and may be shared with other options traders by using this page’s link or these:

The Proper Use of Implied Volatility

The Proper Use of Open Interest

The Ideal Option Strategy


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