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TC2000 Balance of Power, BOP Indicator Training

TC2000 Balance of Power, BOP Indicator Training

TechniTrader - TC2000 Balance of Power TC2000 Have you looked at Balance of Power (BOP) and wondered how to figure out what it is really telling you? Balance of Power is one of the most powerful & intuitive indicators ever written yet most TC2000 users do not know how to read it properly, how to interpret its signals and patterns, or how to take advantage of its leading qualities.

You will learn why BOP is an essential indicator for trading stocks in today’s automated market. You will also discover how BOP reveals Dark Pool activity before price moves.


You will learn:

  • What BOP patterns represent Dark Pool Buy Zones™.
  • The Shift of Sentiment BOP pattern that indicates a bottoming formation has started.
  • How to use BOP to get into a stock ahead of a huge gap or run up.
  • How VWAP and TWAP orders alter patterns on BOP.
  • HFT BOP patterns and what they mean for near-term price action.
  • How to use BOP with Volume to enhance the leading qualities of both indicators.

TC2000 and TechniTrader have been partners for almost 2 decades. Two great companies combine the Exceptional Charting of Worden’s TC2000 Charting Software with the Educational Expertise of TechniTrader Training to give you the skills and tools you need to be consistently successful trading stocks, options, or other investments.

We have been using this top-notch charting software to teach trading since 1998. TC2000 Users can enjoy an array of customized tools and services that are included with TechniTrader courses.


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