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High Frequency Trading Firms and Dark Pools Online Elective Course

High Frequency Firms & Dark Pools Online Course (6/10/20 – 8/5/20)

How to Track High Frequency Trading and Dark Pools for profits

8-Week Course

There is a Hidden War going on in the stock market. It has been underway for several years. It involves Dark Pool Institutions, High Frequency Trading Firms (HFTs), and Derivatives Developers. Now, you have the opportunity to discover what goes on within that hidden world of Dark Pool activity. These institutions control trillions of dollars and billions of shares of stock trading the US market venues.

The HFTs and Dark Pools Online Elective Course is the ONLY course of its kind anywhere that provides vast knowledge about who the Dark Pools are, how they move the stock market, and how you can take advantage of their giant lot order activity. You will learn how HFTs operate and how to anticipate their activity before the stock gaps many points or has a huge run in less than 1 minute.

If you want to know why the stock market often has high or low volatility, how to get into stocks before there is a huge move in price, or if you are ready for training that will blow away myths and give you facts that will elevate your trading to a Semi-Professional Retail Trader status, then this TechniTrader Course is for YOU.

It has been 2 years since we last offered this course. This is a totally new course, written to include all the latest new facts, data, and pertinent chart relational analysis needed to recognize HFT and Dark Pool activity.

Learn the FOOTPRINTS that Dark Pools, Professional Traders, and HFTs leave on the candlestick chart. Learn how to use Leading Hybrid Indicators that track and reveal this hidden activity that is NOT on the exchanges. Learn how to use this powerful tool to increase your profits and lower risk.

The technical analysis methodology you will learn is Martha Stokes’ intuitive Relational Technical Analysis™, taught only at TechniTrader. This Online Course is formatted into 8 Weekly Lessons, with tests, interaction, Chart Analysis, Student request analysis, Weekly Course notes, and Answers to questions.


Bonus Custom Chart Tools: The course comes with special customized charting tools designed for Worden Charting Software,, OR MetaStock. If you do not use one of these software programs, we will provide detailed recommended settings, how to customize your indicators.

Prerequisite: This is an advanced trader Online Trading Course. Some trading experience is recommended. We also encourage you to consider the Methodology Essentials Course, as it provides the trading process for trading with the Dark Pools and HFTs.


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