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TechniTrader Partners

TechniTrader has partnered and been associated with a variety of different financial services companies to give more flexibility to students of our stock market trading courses. TechniTrader Partners are separately owned and operated businesses. Please contact them for information about their products or services. Looking to partner with TechniTrader? Contact us.


stockcharts-com-logoTrusted by thousands of online analysts, makes it easy to create high-quality financial charts with just a few clicks. No software to install, no applications to download. Just an internet connection and the browser of your choice. With official intraday data and decades of historical data, our broad assortment of charting styles, technical indicators, and analysis tools give you the power to see what’s really happening in the markets. Watch your charts automatically update in real time and access them on the go from any web-enabled device. Find out more Are you new to charting? This is a perfect place to start, FREE! Follow Martha Stokes CMT on to learn how to read stock charts. This is a totally free service that gives you access to a free charting program PLUS free training from a professional stock market investor and instructor. In order to be a truly successful investor or trader, you MUST learn to read stock charts. Stock Charts are a graphical view of how a stock price has moved over time. Stock charts contain a large amount of data including price, time, and quantity, fundamental information, and the relationships between each. Find out more

MetaStockMetaStock® and TechniTrader® have been working together since 2009 to provide our students with more versatility and flexibility in charting software. TechniTrader® courses now offer a complete set of trading tools created for MetaStock® software users, including our proprietary custom market condition scans, trading style scans, custom indicators, chart templates, and formulas that streamline your analysis using MetaStock®. This is a highly accurate method for determining when, how, and what to trade. The accuracy of these custom scans is over 95% in indicating the direction, strength, energy, and bias for the next trading day. Find out more

Livevol® is a professional options trading platform that sits in front of the Interactive Brokers system and clearinghouse, one of our recommended brokers for TechniTrader Students. Livevol®, Inc. has been the leader in equity and index options technology and services. It provides professional and retail traders with cutting-edge tools, data, and custom analytics services. Livevol offers a spectrum of technology and data solutions, including a consolidated feed, real-time programmatic analysis and scanning, historical files and backtesting, custom development and consulting, plus much more. Find out more

Rudd-InternationalRudd International, Inc. “We believe that superior returns are based largely on rational expectations for growth and the avoidance of significant risk. Whether you’ve received a windfall payout or have spent a lifetime accumulating a degree of financial wealth, the nurturing of those financial assets should rest in the hands of a company with the integrity and experience to preserve and grow your assets. Our investment philosophy follows that of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett. We believe that there is no better way of building wealth than through the ownership of equity securities issued by quality companies.” Find out more


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