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Exchange-Traded Derivatives – ETF Online Elective Course

(ETD) Exchange-Traded Derivatives - Online Elective Course

USD $995.00

USD $995.00

Exchange-Traded Derivatives Course

Course Duration (11/18/20 – 1/13/21)

The ETDs are the fastest-growing trading instruments for retail traders and investors with exponential opportunities for trading and investing. The Sell Side Institutions who create these derivatives are creating new instruments every day.

This 8-week course: (for details, see the Course Outline)

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Who will benefit from this course: Short-term traders such as swing, day, momentum, or position traders, as well as long-term investors and anyone with a retirement account, either self-managed or professionally managed.

Topic: How to use ETFs and Indexes for investing and trading to achieve higher short-term profitability and diversification of your portfolio. The course will also cover other Exchange-Traded Derivatives.
The term Exchange-Traded Derivatives (ETDs) for this course includes Indexes, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), and other Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs), Ultras, 2–3Xs, Shorts, and other ETDs under development at this time.

About Online Courses:

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Online Course lessons are posted each week, but students may take the course at their own pace and are not required to complete each lesson or test each week. They may print off the lessons and tests and do the work as their schedule permits.

Practice includes working in charting software with notes from Martha Stokes CMT that explain topics in that week’s lesson along with charts to help the student understand how the training applies to different trends, patterns, or styles of trading. Students may ask questions at any time and will receive written answers that they can put with their course materials for future reference.

Methodology Essentials Course Prerequisite:

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All Online Elective Courses are designed for the independent trader or investor who has some experience. They are not intended for new traders or brand-new beginners. We strongly recommend that you take the Methodology Essentials Course before taking an Online Elective Course. All TechniTrader® Courses build upon the core foundation laid by the Methodology Essentials Courses. If you feel you are sufficiently experienced in trading or investing, you may take the Online Elective Course with the understanding that some of the information may be beyond your education or experience. All Online Elective Courses are in a self-paced study format; lessons may be printed for future reference. Mentoring and support are included.


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