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TechniTrader RSI Indicator Study Course

Relative Strength Index Indicator Study Course

Relative Strength Index Indicator-CourseRelative Strength Index (RSI) is the most versatile price oscillator ever written. This is due to its unique formula that compares current price with x period price. It outperforms most oscillators as it can be used in most market conditions, not just Trading Range Market Conditions.

Explore ways to customize RSI with other leading indicators such as Time Segmented Volume (TSV), Balance of Power (BOP), and Bollinger %B.

Expand your knowledge on the custom RSI/RSI indicator in your Methodology Essentials (ME10) Course. Find out how to increase your ability to use RSI with Relative Strength.

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Learn how and why Martha uses it as one of her primary Market Condition Analysis Scans, and what that scan reveals about Market Conditions.

If you are searching for a strong reliable Price and Time Indicator, the RSI Indicator Study Course is for you. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Our Indicator Study Courses are offered once a year for each course. This is an 8-week course that includes a private mentoring study group via TC2000 and the TechniTrader Stock Blog. Chart Templates and Scan provided for Worden Charting Software and MetaStock Charting Software.

Because RSI can be adjusted to various period settings, it can be useful for all trading styles. However, it is a short-term trading indicator and not a long-term indicator.

RSI can also be used with other primary indicators either in the same pane or panes below each other for comparison analysis. This provides for a variety of ways to use indicators to customize your indicators to suit your trading style and trading process.

Relative Strength Index Indicator - TechniTraderYou should endeavor to have your own unique trading style rather than using an off-the-shelf trading system for retail traders. Retail “Trading Systems” give the High Frequency Traders (HFTs) the advantage to front-run your orders. HFTs are predatory computer-generated algo trading at millisecond speeds.

Professional traders each have their own custom set of indicators and do not share their trading process with others. You should strive to trade like the professionals. Do not trade with the crowd mentality. You will lose money if you do.

RSI has stood the test of time and is the superior oscillator. With the TechniTrader RSI/RSI variation, this powerful indicator becomes even more essential to your trading indicator tools.


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