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Stock Blogs

TechniTrader provides stock blogs for all types of investors and traders. Whether you are just starting out learning about investing in the stock market or if you are a seasoned trader, you will find some interesting and actionable information in one of our stock blogs by Martha Stokes, CMT.

Get a professional insight on recent developments in the market or learn about technical analysis topics like candlestick patterns and stock indicators. Whatever your interest, we have a blog that you’ll like.

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stock blogs Users Blog

For technical traders who use, a popular online charting program. At this blog you will find advice on how to leverage the charting in to give you leading trade analysis. Learn how to relate candlestick patterns to technical indicators through our proprietary Relational Analysis™ techniques.

TC2000 Users Blog

Where TC2000 Users go to grow. Learn new ways of using the proprietary Worden indicators: Balance of Power, Time Segmented Volume and MoneyStream. Martha Stokes CMT will show you a unique way of using these powerful indicators to implement TechniTrader’s Relational Analysis™ for more consistent trading results.

Stock Market Blog

For the more experienced trader or investor to learn about the inside workings of the financial markets. Learn about the new Market Structure, including the influence of Dark Pools and High Frequency Trading. Or get an experienced professional’s perspective on a current event in the markets. Users Blog

For the novice or beginning trader and investor who uses the free online charting program, This blog is perfect for those who are new to technical analysis. Learn the cues that a market correction is coming or how to apply a leading technical indicator to understand what is going on in a stock.

MetaStock Users Blog

MetaStock users are a tech-savvy group, so these blog articles are for the more advanced technical traders and investors. Learn how to apply leading indicators to your trading plan. Or find out how indicators change as market conditions change. No matter your strategy, you will find trading tips that you can apply to your trading with practice.

Stock Tips Blog

For the newest investors and traders. This blog provides stock tips for beginners who are new to the stock market. Learn the basics of stocks, the stock market, the market structure, trading, and investing in these timeless articles from Martha Stokes, CMT.