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Stock Market Blog

  • Tax Savings Doing “Trading as a Business”

    Many Independent Investors and Retail Traders do not know that years ago the IRS established a ruling for the retail side of the market, whereby they could have the same tax benefits as a Professional Trader. The ruling was done because the IRS must treat all taxpayers in the same manner.

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  • Fundamental Indicators for Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis is undergoing massive changes as the technologies that support this form of stock analytic continue to expand and become more sophisticated. Charting software is no longer just about price, time, quantity, and symbol. It is no longer merely candlesticks and stock indicators, but is becoming a far more useful tool for both Professional Traders and Individual Investors worldwide with fundamental indicators for Technical Analysis now available.

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  • Market Update for Swing and Day Traders

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is considering a Test Pilot Program to initiate a study to determine if the High Frequency Trading “Maker-Taker” role is creating predatory and unfair trading practices. This test program was initiated by complaints from the Buy Side Institutions.

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