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Stock Market Blog

  • Best Earnings Season Stock Trading Strategy

    Most Earnings Season Stock Trading Strategies involve either trading the stock or its options a few days before the Earnings Report is released. However, much of the gains are already over if you focus only on the few days ahead of the stock’s Earnings Report.

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  • Diversification

    Diversification for Investing

    Nearly every long term investor wants to know about diversification for their portfolio. The classic “diversified portfolio” was not intended to be the best method to increase wealth for the individual investor portfolio. What it is designed to do is to protect an investor from catastrophic losses.

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  • Fundamental Indicators for Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis is undergoing massive changes as the technologies that support this form of stock analytic continue to expand and become more sophisticated. Charting software is no longer just about price, time, quantity, and symbol. It is no longer merely candlesticks and stock indicators, but is becoming a far more useful tool for both Professional Traders and Individual Investors worldwide with fundamental indicators for Technical Analysis now available.

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