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Stock Market Blog

  • What Are Dark Pools & HFTs?

    The retail news and professional news feeds offer extremely opposing perspectives on what is going on with stocks in short-term trading, liquidity, execution speed, and the overall internal Stock Market Structure. While the retail side of the news media focuses on basic news that it believes will encourage Retail Traders and Investors to buy stocks, the professional side concentrates on the actual viability and functionality of the market.

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  • Who Is the New Stock Market Participant Surprise?

    An unexpected new type of trader has emerged, which is creating riptides within the professional community as a New Stock Market Participant surprise. The Professional Traders who comprise three groups consisting of the Proprietary Desk Traders for Sell Side Institutions, Floor Traders for Buy Side Institutions, and Independent Professional Traders who work for smaller firms or themselves have recently begun to notice a new kid on the block, one they never expected.

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  • How to Distinguish Between a Market Correction & a Bear Market?

    There is far more to trading stocks than just finding a stock pick to trade, searching for a MACD crossover, or recognizing a popular Candlestick Entry Signal. When you understand the dynamics of the chart and can analyze it like a Professional Trader to distinguish between a Market Correction and a Bear Market, trading becomes easier and more profitable.

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