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Stock Market Blog

  • How Technical Analysis is Changing Fundamental Analysis

    In the early days of technical analysis, fundamentalists scoffed at the Technical Analysts who claimed that everything about a stock was right there in the stock chart. Price and how it moved was all that really mattered. Fundamentalists argued back that the movement of stocks was a Random Walk or that technical analysis was like using a crystal ball rather than corporate financials.

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  • Fundamental Indicators For Technical Analysis

    Technical Analysis is undergoing massive changes as the technologies that support this form of stock analytics continue to expand and become more sophisticated. Charting software is no longer just about price, time, quantity, and symbol. It is no longer merely candlesticks and stock indicators, but is becoming a far more useful tool for both professionals and individuals worldwide with fundamental indicators for technical analysis now available.

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  • Trade Using Sector Analysis - TechniTrader

    Finding Stocks to Trade Using Sector Analysis

    The Financial Markets use different Sector and Industry formatting than Economists. The Dow Industrial Average was established based on the economy theory of its time when there were 30 major Industries in the US, while today Economists use 31 or 32 Industries.

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