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Stock Market Blog

  • How Is Technical Analysis Changing Fundamental Analysis?

    In the early days of Technical Analysis, Fundamentalists scoffed at the Technical Analysts who claimed that everything about a stock was right there in the stock chart. Price and how it moved was all that really mattered. Fundamentalists argued back that the movement of stocks was a Random Walk or that Technical Analysis was like using a crystal ball rather than corporate financials.

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  • What Are Dark Pools and High Frequency Traders?

    The retail news and professional news feeds offer extremely opposing perspectives on what is going on with stocks, short term trading, liquidity, execution, and the overall internal Stock Market Structure. While the retail side of the news media focuses on basic news that it believes will encourage retail traders and investors to buy stocks, the professional side concentrates on the actual viability and functionality of the market.

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  • What Are Selling Short Tips Professional Traders Use?

    The sell side of the market aka the downside, is not the same as the upside. One of the big reasons is that when a market is moving up on a long-term primary trend ALL 9 Market Participant Groups are buying stocks. This sustains the trend far longer than the downside. Bull Markets tend to last 10-15 years, whereas Bear Markets historically last 1-3 years. This is an important fact to keep in mind when preparing to Sell Short, so the first step for Selling Short is to determine the most likely duration of the Market Correction.

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